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Blue Cut Water Service Final Environmental Assessment
and Finding of No Significant Impact

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Reclamation has proposed an exchange under which it would provide an augmentation to flows in Cottonwood Creek and the San Rafael River to the USFWS in exchange for the USFWS's temporary and conditional forbearance of Water Right No. 93-2241, when usage of this right would be detrimental to Reclamation's Project water rights. Water Right No. 93-2241 allows for the annual diversion of 21 cfs (15,204 acre-feet annually) from Huntington Creek under an 1888 priority date.  If this right were activated and used without the consultation and involvement of Reclamation, it could cause substantial harm to the Emery County Project's water users. 

Cottonwood Creek is currently dry-dammed at the Swasey Diversion Dam for seven months out of the year.  During periods of no delivery, the San Rafael only receives return flows from Huntington Creek, Cottonwood Creek, and Ferron Creek. With the proposed action in place, there would be a constant flow of water in Cottonwood Creek year round and an ensured delivery of water to the San Rafael River. In the interest of being good environmental stewards, all participants in the exchange believe that additional water in Cottonwood Creek and the San Rafael River would contribute to healthier riparian and aquatic environments, thereby providing intrinsic benefits to the surrounding community.

 Final Environmental Assessment
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 Finding of No Significant Impact
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Last updated: September 5, 2013