C.A.S.T. for Kids

"Catch A Special Thrill" for Kids Foundation (C.A.S.T.) is a public 501(c)3 Charitable Organization formed in 1991 to connect volunteers who love fishing and the outdoors with disabled and disadvantaged children who have an opportunity to enjoy their own fishing experience. C.A.S.T. hosts two successful programs: the C.A.S.T. For Kids Program and the Fishing Kids Program. Reclamation has been involved with C.A.S.T. since 1992.

C.A.S.T. has a national presence allowing children everywhere and of any means an opportunity to learn about water resources and fishing.

Reclamation announced it has extended its partnership in 2015 with C.A.S.T. Read More →

2017 Events

  • April 15: Lake Pleasant, Arizona
  • May 6: Lake Bastrop, Texas
  • May 6: Lake Berryessa, California
  • May 13: Navajo Reservoir, New Mexico
  • June 3: Horsetooth Reservoir, Colorado
  • June 10: Shasta Lake, California
  • June 17: Sarge Hubbard Pond, Washington
  • July 9: Prineville Reservoir, Oregon
  • July 15: Lake Walcott, Idaho
  • August 5: Potholes Reservoir, Washington
  • August 12: Strawberry Reservoir, Utah
  • August 19: Black Canyon Dam, Idaho
  • September 9: New Melones Lake, California
  • September 9: Lake Thunderbird, Oklahoma
  • September 10: Henry Hagg Lake, Oregon
  • September 23: Elephant Butte Lake, New Mexico
  • October 7: Lake Powell, Arizona (Tentative)
  • October 21: Lake Mead, Nevada
  • TBD: Angostura Reservoir, South Dakota
Last Updated: 10/3/17