West-wide Climate Risk Assessments

The West-wide Climate Risk Assessments are a complementary activity with the Basin Studies and the Landscape Conservation Cooperatives within the WaterSMART Initiative, in accordance with Secretarial Order 3289 (pdf - 83 KB), and meet the authorizations of the Secure Water Act. As a whole, these three activities represent a comprehensive approach to incorporate the best available science into planning activities for climate change adaptation planning. Together, they represent a continuum of activities within the context of climate change adaptation as depicted by Figure 1.

WWCRA graphic showing what makes up the West-wide Climate Risk Assessments.

Figure 1.

Completed Reports and Technical Guidance

Climate Change on Groundwater Resources

Irrigation Demand and Reservoir Evaporation Projections

Historical and Future Irrigation Water Requirements for Select Reclamation Project Areas

Columbia River Basin Climate Impact Assessment

Sacramento and San Joaquin Basins Climate Impact Assessment

Upper Rio Grande Impact Assessment

SECURE Water Report

Technical Guidance

Technical Guidance for Incorporating Climate Change Information into Water Resources Planning Studies

Considerations for Selecting Climate Projections for Water Resources, Planning, and Environmental Analyses

News Releases

March 22, 2016
Interior Department Releases Report Underscoring Impacts of Climate Change on Western Water Resources

Feb. 6, 2015
Study Reveals Climate Change Impacts on Irrigation Demand and Reservoir Evaporation in the West

Sept. 22, 2014
New Report Predicts Climate Change Will Significantly Impact California's Central Valley

Dec. 11, 2013
Upper Rio Grande Impact Assessment Reveals Potential Growing Gap in Water Supply and Demand

Last Updated: 3/2/17