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Next Hydrology Meeting - Sept 26, 2006

Aspinall EIS Hydrology Meeting Minutes

Models and Rulesets

The following table lists all official models and rulesets and provides links to the models, rulesets and scenario runs. 


Models and Rulesets

Date Model RuleSet Description
September 2006 NA_model_hist4cast_9-21-06.mdl.gz UseHistoric4Cast_na_only9-21-06.rules No-Action Alternative using historic forecasts
December 2005 NA_dec21CRpp2150.mdl.gz NA_dec21.rules

Preliminary Aspinall Operations EIS model*

* The December 2005 version of the Aspinall Operations Riverware Model is strictly for obtaining familiarity with the model, rules, and functions. It does not represent the final no-action alternative as there are still unanswered policy questions which could change some of the rules.


Last updated: January 23, 2007