River Basin Tea-Cup Diagrams

Example of a teacup diagramBy selecting one of the river basin tabs below, you will be shown a map of that basin. Each of the major Reclamation Reservoirs in the basin will be represented by a Tea-Cup Diagram, such as the example seen at left. The level of blue fill in the Tea-Cup represents the level of fill in the reservoir. Below the Tea-Cup you will find the name of the reservoir, a ratio of the volume of water currently in the reservoir to the volume of water in the reservoir when it is full, and the percent full. In the example Tea-Cup Diagram at left, the reservoir currently has a volume of water equal to 16,007,788 acre-feet, when the reservoir is full the volume of water is 24,322,000 acre-feet, resulting in the reservoir being 66% full. The data represented is checked for accuracy, however all data is subject to revision.


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Last Updated: 9/19/18