Recreation Rehabilitation

Reclamation's Contribution To Recreation In Utah

Deer Creek Reservoir with mountains in background

Utah Reclamation projects, including Flaming Gorge and Glen Canyon National Recreation Areas, have provided a sizeable share of Utah's recreation opportunities and revenues. Reclamation reservoirs receive approximately 10,000,000 visits annually. These reservoirs supply 244,000 acres of water surface for recreation activities, 4,350 acres of developed recreation sites, and 2,500 miles of recreation shoreline. During the past 20 years, Reclamation has invested more than $50 million for recreation improvements at its Utah reservoirs.

Recreation Development

Willard Bay beach area and picnic pavilions shaded by trees

Reclamation has made significant contributions to complete and upgrade many recreation facilities in order to help meet Utah's growing recreation demands. Recreation facilities have been completed at Jordanelle, Strawberry, Starvation, Upper Stillwater, and Red Fleet Reservoirs. In addition, Reclamation and Utah Division of State Parks and Recreation are involved in major cost-share renovations on recreation facilities at Rockport, Deer Creek, Willard, and East Canyon Reservoirs.

Current Cost-Share Partnership Work with the State of Utah

Rockport Reservoir and picnic pavilions among trees

Passage of Title 28 of Public Law 102-575 in 1992 amended and strengthened Public Law 89-72, which governs much of Reclamation's recreation-related activities. Title 28 allows Reclamation to cost-share with non-federal public entities up to 50 percent of the planning, development, and replacement costs of recreation facilities. Renovation of recreation facilities at Rockport, Deer Creek, Willard Bay, and East Canyon was made possible by Reclamation's cost-share partnership with Utah State Parks which was approved by the Utah State Legislature. New approval is required for all future projects. Through the partnership with Utah State Parks, the backlog of facilities at Reclamation reservoirs in need of rehabilitation is reduced.

Beach area at Deer Creek Reservoir

This program allowed for renovation of facilities at Rockport Reservoir in 1997, totaling just under $4 million, Deer Creek Reservoir in 2001 totaling approximately $5.5 million, and Willard Bay facilities, which are currently under construction through 2003, totaling approximately $6 million. Work at East Canyon is scheduled to occur from 2004-2006. These projects involve upgrading boat ramps, campgrounds, picnic areas, roads, trails, and beaches, and include provisions for improving access to these facilities for persons with disabilities.

Areas scheduled for renovation are prioritized based on health and safety concerns, greatest public need, and ability to schedule design and construction.

Reservoir Management Plans

In 1992, Reclamation initiated a partnership with the Utah Division of State Parks and Recreation for the development of reservoir resource management plans, which in part, address recreation resources. Currently, resource management plans are completed or are in progress for Deer Creek, Lost Creek, Scofield,Starvation, Willard Bay, East Canyon, Hyrum, Newton,and Huntington North Reservoirs.

Over the last 20 years, Reclamation has had a significant positive impact on the quality and diversity of water-oriented recreation opportunities in Utah by:

  • Providing substantial development of new recreation facilities at its reservoirs
  • Participating in the rehabilitation of existing recreation facilities
  • Providing improved access to facilities for persons with disabilities
  • Assuming a leading role in the preparation of reservoir management plans


 Accessible restroom at Deer Creek

Reclamation established a partnership with the Utah Division of State Parks and Recreation to fulfill the mandate required by the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1992 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended. The ADA prohibits discrimination by private and non-federal government entities on the basis of disabilities in places of public accommodation. Section 504 prohibits discrimination by federal, and federally funded entities, against persons with disabilities. Because the ADA mandated that state and local entities comply with all of the requirements by September 1995, Reclamation has given high priority to securing funds to help non-federal recreation managing partners meet the deadline.

For More Information Contact:

John Sterzer- Provo Area Office
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Deer Creek Reservoir boat ramp with several boats in water Accessible boat dock - Island Park at Deer Creek Reservoir

Provo Area Office Recreation
Rehabilitation Program

There are 27 reservoirs within Reclamation's Provo Area Office jurisdiction which includes Utah and southwest Wyoming. Reclamation contracts recreation management at most of its Utah and Wyoming reservoirs with state, federal, and private entities (four reservoirs are not listed due to limited opportunities):

Utah Division of State Parks and Recreation

  • Rockport Reservoir
  • Scofield Reservoir
  • Starvation Reservoir
  • Steinaker Reservoir
  • Willard Bay
  • Deer Creek Reservoir
  • East Canyon Reservoir
  • Huntington North Res.
  • Hyrum Reservoir
  • Jordanelle Reservoir
  • Red Fleet Reservoir

Forest Service

  • Pineview Reservoir
  • Stateline Reservoir
  • Meeks Cabin Reservoir
  • Strawberry Reservoir
  • Upper Stillwater Res.
  • Causey Reservoir
  • Currant Creek Reservoir
  • Flaming Gorge Reservoir
  • Joes Valley Reservoir
  • Moon Lake Reservoir

Bureau of Land Management

  • Fontenelle Reservoir

National Park Service

  • Lake Powell
Deer Creek Reservoir
Area Facility Upgrades
Island Bay Day Use Area
  • concrete boat ramp
  • flush restroom
  • vault toilet for winter use
  • sites with 8-person shelters
Sailboat Beach Day Use Area
  • 50-person group shelter
  • four sites with 12-person shelters
  • flush restrooms
  • trailer sanitation station
  • ranger office
Chokecherry Campground
  • water, sewer, and electrical hookups
  • eight year-around and 32 seasonal sites with 8-person shelters, two restrooms, and showers
  • two restrooms and showers
Wallsburg Group Use Area (overnight camping)
  • 180-person shelter
  • two 50-person shelters
  • two flush restrooms with showers
Rainbow Bay Group Day Use Area
  • 150-person shelter
  • flush restroom
Rainbow Bay Day Use Area
  • 31 sites with 8-person shelters
  • three vault toilets
Rockport Reservoir
Area Facility Upgrades
Juniper Campground
  • water and electrical hookups
  • 24 year-around sites with 12-person shelters
  • flush restrooms with showers
Lariat Loop Group Day Use Area
  • 100-person group shelter
  • vault toilet
Highland Day Use Area
  • two 50-person group shelters
  • 19 site with 8-person shelters
  • two vault toilets
  • shoreline protection
  • marina
  • widened boat ramp
  • boat storage area
  • fish cleaning station
  • expanded parking area
Twin Coves Campground
  • 24 sites with 8-person shelters
  • two vault restrooms
  • horeline protection
Crandall Group Day Use Area
  • 50-person group shelter
  • vault toilet
Crandall Campground
  • nine sites with 8-person shelters
  • vault toilets
Pinery Day Use Area
  • 19 sites with 8-person shelters
  • vault toilets
Hawthorne Day Use Area
  • vault toilets
Cottonwood Campground
  • asphalt overlays on roads and parking areas
  • vault toilets
Willard Bay
Area Facility Upgrades
Eagle Beach Day Use Area
  • concession building
  • refurbished group day use shelter
  • three restrooms
  • 21 sites with 12-person shelters
  • expanded parking
Cottonwood Campground
  • water, sewer, and electrical hookups
  • 18 year-around sites
  • 21 seasonal sites
  • two restrooms with showers
  • marina breakwater protection
  • boat slip parking
Pelican Beach Group Use Area (overnight camping)
  • 180 person shelter
  • flush restroom with showers
Pelican Beach Day Use Area
  • ten sites with 12-person shelters
  • flush restroom
Willow Campground
  • three new restrooms with showers
South Recreation Area and Fisherman Campground
  • flush restrooms with showers
  • fish cleaning station
  • expanded parking
Last Updated: 10/7/19