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Current Projects

Emery County Water Measurment and Control (Utah, USA)

The Emery County Project is in east-central Utah near the towns of Huntington, Castle Dale, and Orangeville. The project, including an irrigable area of almost 19,000 acres, is in the Green River Basin. Principal construction features of the project are Joes Valley Dam and Reservoir on Seeley Creek; the Swasey Diversion Dam 10 miles downstream from Joes Valley Dam; the Cottonwood Creek-Huntington Canal; and the Huntington North Dam and Reservoir. The project is operated by the Emery Water Conservancy District (District).

photo: staff inspecting control box

The District has a small staff: two full-time employees and summer help during the irrigation season. The District intends to more closely monitor and control water within in their watershed and service area. This is necessary to protect water rights and improve the operation of project features.

To accomplish this, the District, with assistance from Reclamation staff, has been installing a comprehensive real-time monitoring system which to date includes over 70 sites. In addition, the District has real-time control on two structures and plans to automate two more. Data communications is by VHS radio.

The District is collecting a great deal of information with a wide variety of uses. To better distribute the real-time information, the District is developing its own web site: www.ewcd.org. Better water management is possible by obtaining and providing more timely information.


Last updated: July 1, 2014