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photo: safety of dams spillway inspection

Reclamation's Provo Area office is involved in a wide range of issues, programs, partnerships, and activities that reflect Reclamation's mission as a manager, developer, and protector of water and related resources. Some of these programs include water conservation and management, lands and recreation management, endangered species preservation and restoration, water reclamation and reuse, water transfers, environmental restoration, and dam safety.

Safe operation and maintenance of Reclamation's dams is one of the UC Region's highest priorities. The Provo Area Office oversees eight dams that have received major construction modifications under Reclamation's Safety of Dams Program to bring them to current safety standards.

photo: solar-powered automated canal

Other areas of emphasis for the Provo Area Office include support of the Endangered Species Act and the June Sucker Recovery Implementation Program, working with Native American groups to improve their culinary water systems, working with isolated rural communities on solar-powered groundwater systems, developing low-cost alternatives for improving water delivery efficiencies on aging irrigation infrastructure, working with the state of Utah to improve recreation facilities at many Utah reservoirs, and working with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources to develop small-scale irrigation projects to enhance wildlife habitat.


Last updated: July 1, 2014