Provo Area Office
Manager Welcome

photo: Wayne Pullan, Provo Area Office Manager

Hello. I'm Wayne Pullan, Area Manager for the Bureau of Reclamation's Provo Area Office. Welcome to our website. Our mission is "to manage, develop, and protect water and related resources in an environmentally and economically sound manner in the interest of the American public." We offer this website because we believe that when you're better informed, you're better served.

The current Provo Area Office was one of many that originated from the massive Colorado River Storage Project Act; legislation that ensured every Western state received its fair share of Colorado River water.

This office originally opened in Spanish Fork, Utah in 1958 as the Spanish Fork Development Office. The following year, it was renamed the Central Utah Planning Office and in 1960, the office moved next to the courthouse in downtown Provo, Utah. Nearly 20 years later, in an effort to highlight the increased responsibility of the Provo Area Office for all Reclamation projects within Utah, the Central Utah Planning Office was again renamed the Utah Projects Office. In 1984, the office moved again to south Provo's East Bay Business Center, and in 1992, as a gesture of permanence, the office was renamed the Provo Area Office.

Since then, the Provo Area Office and its professional staff of engineers, designers, environmental specialists, and administrative support staff has met the growing water storage, conveyance, and conservation needs of a growing geographic area of responsibility.

Early in the beginning of the last century, the Bureau of Reclamation became the premier construction entity as it worked diligently to satisfy the needs of a thirsty land cultivated by an industrious people. As that century came to a close, Reclamation's mission continued to ensure that the benefits for which projects were constructed, remained evident, while addressing the changing needs of our customers, constituents, stakeholders, and the American public.

As the new century unfolds, the Provo Area Office strives to meet those needs by continuing to provide outstanding technical and construction support. In addition, we endeavor to serve the needs of the wildlife, the land, and its rivers as the good stewards the American people expect us to be. In the fine tradition of the Bureau of Reclamation, we are proud to continue to serve you. We invite your comments and suggestions, and ask that you check our site often to see what new information is available.

Last Updated: 5/17/17