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photo: Cleveland Canal 300 Branch
Cleveland Canal 300 Branch

Wildlife Habitat and Wetlands

The Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Act (43U.S.C 1571-1599), which authorizes the Salinity Control Program, directs the Secretary of the Interior to replace incidental fish and wildlife values foregone in association with the implementation of salinity control projects. 

The Provo Area Office implements a new basinwide program policy of encouraging project sponsors to undertake responsibility for planning, implementing, and long term maintenance of wildlife habitat replacement, subject to Reclamation approval and oversight. Monitoring by the applicant may be required for a set period of time.

For the Huntington Cleveland Irrigation Company Salinity Control Project, a habitat replacement plan is  currently under development by the canal company.  Based upon the analyses contained in the December 1993 Final Planning Report and Environmental Impact Statement, Price-San Rafael Rivers Unit, a total of 82.5 acres of habitat replacement is required.

Please visit the Habitat photo gallery to see photographs of the existing canals that will be taken out of service as the salinity control project is completed. These canals show the typical types of habitat found for projects in the Price-San Rafael area: linear habitat with occasional cottonwood trees and occasional wetland or riparian habitat including willows. Significant portions of the canals' prisms will likely remain open after being removed from service, therefore habitat loss could be minimized.  The channel may continue to support this riparian vegetation and wildlife habitat.  Collection of natural runoff and drainage could likely sustain the riparian vegetation and wildlife habitat over the years.
Last Updated: 3/17/17