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Huntington-Cleveland Project Chronicle

Project Timeline

This schedule accurately represents historic dates for project milestones, however future target dates for project completion are subject to change and refinement.

Activity Completion Date
bullet image Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Act (Public Law 93-320)
bullet image Amended by Congress (Public Law 98-569)
June 1974
October 1984
bullet image Initial Price-San Rafael Rivers Unit Salinity discussion began 1985
bullet image Price-San Rafael Rivers Salinity Unit EIS finalized December 1993
bullet image Law to implement basin-wide salinity control program
     (Public Law 104-20)
July 1995
bullet image Huntington-Cleveland Irrigation Co. Salinity Project Application      submitted February 27, 2004
bullet image Application approved by Reclamation Sept. 30, 2004
bullet image Salinity project construction began 2005
bullet image Phase I complete 2007
bullet image Phase II completion target 2008
bullet image Phase III completion target 2009 - 2010
Last Updated: 3/17/17