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photo: Irrigated cropland with gated pipe
Irrigated cropland with gated pipe

In Utah, the second driest state in the United States, application of supplemental water (irrigation) is essential for dependable crop, hay and pasture production in areas receiving less than 12 inches of precipitation. Since the beginning of settlement by immigrants, communities have organized and cooperated to construct water storage, distribution and application systems to allow agriculture to flourish.

Within the drainages of the Price and San Rafael Rivers in central Utah, the Huntington – Cleveland Irrigation Company, comprised of three main delivery canals (the North Ditch Canal, the Cleveland Canal, and the Huntington Canal), has undertaken to improve the delivery, conservation and use of water by constructing a 21st century system that will serve the needs of its clients for the foreseeable future.

The company is constructing a fully-enclosed delivery system that will provide a dependable and manageable source of high quality water to sustain agricultural and energy production, maintain natural resources, and allow for continued development of the local communities and economy.

In addition to the many benefits locally, the system will greatly reduce the mobilization and transport of dissolved solids (salts) that result from ditch seepage and deep percolation from fields. These salts, estimated to be several tens of thousands of tons annually, will no longer be transported to the Colorado River where significant damages accumulate and impact users of the water in the Lower Colorado River Basin.


Last Updated: 3/16/17