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title image: CRSP Power Office Programs & Activities
photo: Hay production - agricultural land
Hay produced with project water

The Power Office is responsible for operation and maintenance of Glen Canyon Dam and Powerplant; Flaming Gorge Dam and Powerplant; Blue Mesa Dam and Powerplant; Morrow Point Dam and Powerplant; Crystal Dam and Powerplant; Fontenelle Dam and Powerplant; Upper and Lower Molina Powerplants; and Deer Creek Powerplant. These Reclamation projects provide water for irrigation, municipal and industrial uses, flood control, the generation of hydroelectricity, recreation, and fish and wildlife.

Revenues from the sale of power support involvement by Regional Office staff and other area offices in water operations and water quality and environmental programs. For example, power revenues in the amount of around $16.5 million annually provide support for activities associated with the Upper Colorado River Endangered Fish Recovery Program; the San Juan River Basin Recovery Implementation Program; and the Glen Canyon Adaptive Management Program. The actions of these programs assist in the recovery of endangered fish while allowing water development to continue.

The Power Office recognizes the importance of minimizing waste and managing hazardous materials at its powerplants in its day-to-day activities. Powerplant staff use environmentally friendly oils and solvents whenever possible and have disposed of PCB contaminated transformers and equipment. The Power Office, along with other offices in the Upper Colorado Region, works to continually improve its environmental and safety performance through an environmental management system.


Last updated: December 1, 2008