Power Marketing

Power produced from Colorado River Storage Project and other Reclamation power facilities in the Upper Colorado Region is marketed by the Western Area Power Administration and is sold to municipalities, public utilities, and government agencies in Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nebraska, and Nevada. WAPAs CRSP Management in Salt Lake City markets power from CRSP power resources and hydroelectric powerplants of the Collbran and Rio Grande projects, which are collectively known as the Salt Lake City Area Integrated Projects. The SLCA/IP is part of an interconnected generation and transmission system that includes federal, public, and private power generating facilities. Western is also responsible for construction, operation, and maintenance of transmission lines and associated facilities.

Glen Canyon Power Substation
Glen Canyon Power Substation

There are approximately 5,800,000 customers who receive electricity from generation facilities in the Upper Colorado Region. CRSP power customers consist of: 

  1. small and medium-sized towns that operate publicly owned electrical systems,
  2. irrigation cooperatives and water conservation districts,
  3. rural electrical associations or generation and transmission co-operatives who are wholesalers to these associations,
  4. municipal joint action agencies who are wholesalers to municipal electric utilities,
  5. federal facilities such as U.S. Air Force bases,
  6. universities and other state agencies, and
  7. Indian tribes. 

Rural electric associations that buy power from CRSP serve the rural areas of states.  In Colorado and New Mexico, for example, CRSP customers serve almost all of the geographic area of the state outside of the major metropolitan areas. The CRSP electrical resource is approximately 20 percent of the total electrical needs of these customers.  The reliance on CRSP power varies considerably among customers, with some customers receiving virtually all of their electrical service from the CRSP. The Colorado River Energy Distributors Association, a non-profit organization, represents a majority of consumer-owned electric systems that purchase federal hydropower and resources of the CRSP.

Last Updated: 3/12/19