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Final Environmental Assessment
Rifle Creek Fish Screen Project

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The Colorado Division of Wildlife is proposing to construct and operate a fish screen in Rifle Creek to prevent or minimize non-native fish from Rifle Gap Reservoir from entering the downstream Colorado River via Rifle Creek. Reclamation would issue a License Agreement to allow the fish screen to be constructed on lands under the jurisdiction of Reclamation. Rifle Creek and Rifle Gap Reservoir are located in Garfield County, west central Colorado.

An action to prevent or minimize non-native fish from moving from Rifle Gap Reservoir to endangered fish habitat in the Colorado River is needed:
  • to assist in recovery of endangered fish in the Colorado River and
  • to poetntially facilitate management and stocking of the existing non-native recreational fishery in Rifle Gap Reservoir

This draft environmental assessment evaluates the effects on the human environment from constructing and operating the fish screen. Reclamation prepared this EA in cooperation with other federal and state agencies to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act, Endangered Species Act, and related Department of the Interior policies and regulations. If, based on this analysis, Reclamation concludes the proposed action would have no significant impact on the human environment; preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement would not be required before the action could be implemented.

 Final Environmental Assessment
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Last updated: July 13, 2011