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Final Environmental Assessment
Bostwick Park Water Conservation District's Siphon
Lateral & Forked Tongue/Holman Ditch Company's
Salinity Control Projects Montrose and Delta Counties, CO

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The purpose of both proposed projects is to replace existing unlined earthen canal laterals with pipelines to prevent seepage and reduce the salinity contributions to the Gunnison and Colorado Rivers. The proposed pipelines would increase the efficiency of the existing irrigation systems, improve on-farm deliveries and conserve water that is currently lost through the open laterals. The proposed project improvements are needed to reduce maintenance of the canals, lower the salinity contributions to the Colorado River system consistent with the purposes of the Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Program, and reduce selenium in adjacent waterways. The proposed Bostwick Park Siphon Lateral Project and the proposed Forked Tongue/Holman Ditch Project would reduce the annual salt loading of the Colorado River Basin by an estimated 413 tons and 412 tons, respectively.

The proposed projects would also provide pressure irrigation to users along both project alignments. It is anticipated that many landowners would convert from the existing flood irrigation practices to sprinklers and would implement other on-farm improvements. The anticipated on-farm improvements would not be funded by the proposed projects and therefore, are not evaluated in this EA.

 Final Environmental Assessment
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 Finding of No Significant Impact
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Last updated: October 14, 2014