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El Paso Field Diversion Office

Rio Grande Project Presentations

Meeting: Mexico, IBWC and Water Districts

Discussion of Rio Grande Project Hydrologic Conditions, Elephant Butte & Caballo Reservoirs Operations, Water Supply, and Project Allocation to Water Users

2009 Annual Operating Plan Public Meetings

Public meetings to present and discuss the spring runoff conditions, operations of upper Rio Grande reservoirs, operations of Elephant Butte & Caballo Reservoirs and projected lake levels for summer holidays, and water supply and allocation to Project water users.

Presentations to Foreign Delegations and Officials

Country of Iraq, Water Resources Officials and Engineers, on May 12, 2009 at the El Paso Field Division office in El Paso, TX
Discussion of history of Rio Grande Project, operations of Elephant Butte & Caballo Reservoirs, and delivery of irrigation water to two States and the country of Mexico (under the terms of the 1906 Treaty).

Presentations to Local Universities

Presentations to General Public and Local Groups

Presentations to Conferences and Workshops


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