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Plant Selection


The following section provides descriptive information, and in many cases, pictures for more than 400 plants, most of which are native to or reasonably adapted for use in our region. Other plants that may not be as well suited, but that are often available in the local nurseries or have been commonly used in the local landscapes in the past, are also included. Plants that are not recommended for use in our area are so noted. In each case, information on water use, light requirements, form and size is provided along with brief descriptive comments, notes on potential problems and cultural tips about the plant.

Users may enter either the botanical or common name to call up information on a particular plant or group of plants. Users also have the ability to create a list of plant entries to choose from by selecting one or more of the search criteria provided (plant type, plant form, water use and sun exposure). Information on each plant so listed can then be obtained by clicking on the displayed plant name.

Plants native to our southwestern soils and climate are often featured in the plant directory because they generally require less water, less fertilizer and have fewer disease and insect problems requiring chemical solutions. Some of the southwestern native plant species featured in this section may be hard to find in local plant nurseries. Often they can be special ordered, so ask for them at more than one nursery until you find a source.

Remember that just because plants may be native to desert regions, it does not mean that they do not require regular supplemental irrigation, at least until they become established after planting.

Last updated: March 24, 2008