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Pecos River Supplemental Water Project
Environmental Assessment and Finding of
No Significant Impact

Reclamation needs to obtain supplemental water in order to have the operational flexibility to comply with the 2006-2016 BO for the selected alternative of the Carlsbad Project Water Operations and Water Supply Conservation FEIS, June 2006. The BO and FEIS commit Reclamation to operate the Carlsbad Project with a target flow of 35 cfs at the Taiban Gage and target flow of 5-10 cfs at the Acme Gage, thus keeping the river continuous in order to conserve the federally protected Pecos bluntnose shiner. Operation of the existing 1,000-AF FCP in Sumner Lake has proven to be an effective tool to allow Reclamation to control water releases to meet flow requirements. However, more water is needed to provide the reliability and flexibility to prevent river drying under a wide range of climatic conditions.

The purpose of the project is to provide adequate water to allow Reclamation the operational flexibility to meet target flows and to keep the river continuous, while keeping the Carlsbad Project Water supply whole. The goal is to begin providing additional supplemental water to the Pecos River system during the 2009 irrigation season. Therefore, supplemental water sources should readily be available, be able to be applied above the critical habitat, have the capacity to provide “wet” water to the proposed storage pool and the system, and require minimal infrastructure investments.

Pecos River Supplemental Water Project

 Pecos River Supplemental Water Project Final Environmental Assessment
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 Pecos River Supplemental Water Project Finding of No Significant Impact
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 Pecos River Supplemental Water Project Scoping Report
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 Fact Sheet
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 Questions and Answers
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 River Notes Newsletter - November 2006
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 Carlsbad Project Water Operations & Water Supply Conservation EIS



Last updated: August 25, 2009