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Western Colorado Area Office Address:

445 West Gunnison Ave Suite 221
Grand Junction, CO 81501
(970) 248-0600

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Western Colorado Area Office -Grand Junction Office Contacts
Area Manager Ed Warner 970-248-0600
Deputy Area Manager Ted Dunn 970-248-0690
Administrative Services Division Cindy Hayes 970-385-6525
Technical Services Divsion Vacant 970-248-0641
Environmental and Planning Group Lesley McWhirter 970-248-0608
Design and Construction Group Mark Wernke 970-248-0643
Resources Management Division Tom Fowlds 970-248-0649
Water Management Group Ryan Christianson 970-248-0652
Northern Facility Group Chief Vacant 970-248-0642
Land & Recreation Management Group Melissa Werkmeister 970-248-0636
Upper Colorado Region Offices and Contacts
Alamosa Field Division Albuquerque Area Office Chama Field Division
Curecanti Field Division El Paso Field Office Elephant Butte Field Division
Four Corners Construction Office Flaming Gorge Field Division Fontenelle Dam/Powerplant
Glen Canyon Field Division Power Office Provo Area Office
Socorro Construction Office Western Colorado Area Office - Grand Junction Western Colorado Area Office - Durango
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Last Updated: 6/28/18