Vermeyen, Tracy. 1991. "Hydraulic Model Study of Ritschard Dam Spillways - October 1991". Bureau of Reclamation, Report Number R-91-08.

Abstract: The Bureau of Reclamation conducted a physical model investigation to help design the hydraulic structures associated with Ritschard Dam. Ritschard Dam will have a labyrinth weir emergency spillway ancl an uncontrolled ogee crest service spillway, both of which are expected to convey flows beyond the limits of contemporary design criteria. Preliminary flume studies were conducted on sections of the labyrinth and ogee crests to determine discharge coefficients and surface pressure distributions (ogee only). The Ritschard Dam model was used to determine if the ogee and labyrinth spillways could, in combination, convey the probable maximum flood peak outflow. In addition, the model was used to determine the most efficient energy dissipation structure for the service spillway and flow conditions in Muddy Creek.

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