Joshua D. Mortensen. 2011. "Physical Hydraulic Model Study of the Lower Yellowstone Diversion Dam Rock Ramp". Bureau of Reclamation, Report Number HL-2011-05.

Abstract: This study is the second of two phases of physical hydraulic modeling efforts related to the design of a new screened canal headworks, diversion weir and rock ramp fishway for endangered pallid sturgeon on the Lower Yellowstone River at Intake, MT. The diversion weir will provide adequate head for irrigation diversion flows through the new headworks structure. The rock ramp will span the full channel width and provide velocities and depths adequate for fish passage over the diversion weir. Phase 2 focuses on validation and optimization of the diversion weir and rock ramp through physical hydraulic modeling.

Web Link: ../pubs/HL/HL-2011-05.pdf

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