Dale J. Lentz, Connie D. Svoboda. 2011. "Hydraulic Model Study of Folsom Dam Joint Federal Project Permanent Operation Study". Bureau of Reclamation, Report Number HL-2011-03.

Abstract: A 1:48-scale physical hydraulic model of the principal features of the Joint Federal Project at Folsom Dam was constructed and tested by the Bureau of Reclamation’s Hydraulic Investigations and Laboratory Services Group in support of the Folsom Dam Permanent Operations Study. The primary objective of the physical modeling was to collect information representative of pre-existing conditions to make comparisons of how conditions will change with the construction and operation of the JFP. Two-dimensional velocities and water surface elevations were measured at multiple locations in the model for a broad range of flow conditions. From the data, comparisons can be made between flow conditions with and without the cofferdam and with and without the auxiliary spillway.

Web Link: ../pubs/HL/HL-2011-03.pdf

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