Tracy Vermeyen. 2009. "Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler Measurements near the Proposed Southern Nevada Water System Intake No. 3 in Lake Mead, Nevada". Bureau of Reclamation, Report Number HL-2009-08.

Abstract: In response to recent drought conditions and a large drop in Lake Mead’s water surface elevation, the Southern Nevada Water Authority is adding a deep water intake in Lake Mead to supply raw water to the Southern Nevada Water System. This project involved collecting acoustic Doppler current profiler data near the new intake (Intake No. 3) site in Lake Mead’s Boulder Basin. A comprehensive understanding of seasonal reservoir currents in the vicinity of the new intake will allow SNWS operators to effectively operate their three intakes supplying raw water to their water treatment facilities. ADCP and water quality profiles were collected on a bi-monthly schedule for a period of two years in an effort to document the seasonal reservoir current characteristics in the vicinity of the proposed intake. A summary of seasonal reservoir currents and water quality characteristics at the new intake site and other locations in Lake Mead are presented. For the period studied, current and water quality profile data indicate the new water intake is located at a favorable site and the new intake should meet the water quality objectives. In addition, selective withdrawal modeling was performed to predict raw water quality and the withdrawal zone characteristics.

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