K. W. Frizell, J. P. Kubitschek, and R. F. Einhellig. 2009. "Folsom Dam Joint Federal Project Existing Spillway Modeling - Discharge Capacity Studies". Bureau of Reclamation, Report Number HL-2009-02.

Abstract: Several collaborative studies were performed in order to further study the discharge capacity for the existing spillway at Folsom Dam. Physical and numerical models were used in order to supply data for use in revised rating curves. Comparison of new data with existing data proved quite good with the exception of new data that includes the effect of the spillway bridge deck on large gated, high pool, discharges. In addition, the numerical model was used to provide improved estimates of per gate discharges depending on the particular gate.

Web Link: ../pubs/HL/HL-2009-02.pdf

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