Kathleen H. Frizell. 2008. "Hydraulic Model Studies of Drop 2 Storage Structures Colorado River Front Work and Levee System, CA All American Canal Drop 2 Storage Reservoirs Lower Colorado Region". Bureau of Reclamation, Report Number HL-2008-01.

Abstract: This report documents the hydraulic model study performed to assist with the design of the hydraulic structures of the Drop 2 Storage Structures for the Colorado River Front Work and Levee System, CA. The reservoir cells were constructed to provide storage of water from the Coachella canal during times when requested water is no longer needed, thus providing for water conservation. The model study included investigation of the flow conditions of the inlet canal to the forebay/afterbay basin, flow into the reservoir with a sandy soil cover, then draining of the reservoir back to an inlet that will take the water through pipelines back to the canal. A unique aspect of the study was the criteria to limit velocities on the soil cement and sand soil bottom of the reservoirs during initial filling. Verifying the time to fill and drain the reservoirs was also aided by use of the model.

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