K. Warren Frizell and Connie DeMoyer (Svoboda). 2007. "Overtopping the Existing Spillway Gates at Folsom Dam". Bureau of Reclamation, Report Number HL-2007-01.

Abstract: A 1:36 scale Froude-based hydraulic model of the Folsom Dam service spillway was modified to allow a sectional modeling approach to investigate overtopping of the spillway radial gates. Recent flood studies have predicted a possible rise in the reservoir surface to 484.5 ft. If the reservoir is allowed to rise this high, overtopping of the piers and radial gates will occur. This study looked at operation with the gates at a recorded maximum opening (454.5 ft) and with the design value for maximum opening (459 ft). Observations of when overtopping occurred, gate control was established or lost, and general flow patterns were recorded. Measurements were taken to evaluate pressure distribution on the highway bridge during overtopping and loading on a radial gate.

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