Kathy Frizell. 2006. "Hydraulic Investigations of the Erosion Potential of Flows Overtopping Gibson Dam". Bureau of Reclamation, Report Number HL-2006-02.

Abstract: This report discusses the results of the hydraulic investigation of the potential overtopping of Gibson Dam. Overtopping protection has been constructed on both the right and left abutments at Gibson Dam since 1984. This report documents the hydraulic investigations that were completed to determine if the jet from the new 2005 Probable Maximum Flood would impact on the extent of the existing overtopping protection. The analysis techniques used to determine the overtopping jet characteristics and the results from the analysis are provided. The jet impacts beyond the protection on the right abutment between El. 4710 and 4650. The stream power density in the flow was also determined at various impact locations, both on and off the right abutment protection, to provide geotechnical engineers the information needed to determine if further protection is needed based upon the quality of the rock or the concrete repairs.

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