Tracy Vermeyen. 2005. "Lake Natoma Temperature Curtain and Channel Modification Study, 2001-2002". Bureau of Reclamation, Report Number HL-2005-02.

Abstract: This report describes, in a conceptual way, the hydrodynamics of cold water movement in Lake Natoma and how it impacts water temperatures in the lower American River. Selective withdrawal from Folsom Lake allows the cool water releases from the reservoir to be delivered to the lower American River. Unfortunately, the temperature of the Folsom releases can increase up to 3 °F because of mixing with warmer water stored in Lake Natoma. Mixing and the associated temperature gain in Lake Natoma contribute to releases from Nimbus Dam that are too warm for anadromous fish species in the lower American River. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the potential of: 1) Temperature curtain(s) within Lake Natoma to control mixing and reduce temperatures in the lower American River, 2) Channel modifications within Lake Natoma to reduce mixing in shallow areas and improve temperatures in the lower American River, and 3) Modifying the Nimbus Powerplant intakes to eliminate the surface oriented withdrawal from Lake Natoma.

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