Connie DeMoyer (Svoboda). 2004. "Roza Fish Screen Facility: Velocity Measurements at a High Canal Flow Rate". Bureau of Reclamation, Report Number HL-2004-06.

Abstract: A hydraulic evaluation was conducted in August 2004 at the Roza Fish Screens Facility at a high canal diversion rate of 1911 cfs. The primary objective of this evaluation was to determine whether primary bypass flow rates can be reduced from the recommended operating criteria of 65 cfs to 50 cfs during high canal diversion operations while maintaining drum screen velocity criteria. For both operational bypass conditions, approach and sweep velocities were measured near drum screens in two bays at five vertical locations and seven lateral locations per screen. Velocity data were analyzed for compliance with facility design criteria and federal fish protection criteria. Field weir ratings were developed for the full range of primary bypass weir operations. In the final bypass channel, bypass flow rates were measured for two operational water surface elevations in the secondary screening facility.

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