Warren Frizell. 2004. "Hydraulic Model Study of the Enlarged Outlets at Folsom Dam". Bureau of Reclamation, Report Number HL-2004-04.

Abstract: A 1:17 scale physical sectional model of the enlarged outlet works at Folsom Dam was built and tested at Reclamation's Water Resources Research Laboratory in Denver Colorado. This model featured detailed representations of the upper (9.33-ft by 14-ft) and lower (9.33-ft by 12-ft) enlarged gate designs (by Reclamation) along with hydraulic features including air vents and manifolds, intakes and conduits for the new larger gates (by COE) a 50-ft-wide section of spillway, and an 85-ft-wide section of stilling basin (both exisiting).

Web Link: ../pubs/HL/HL-2004-04.pdf

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