Internal Affairs Complaint

*** PLEASE NOTE: the process outlined on this page is for filing complaints against Bureau of Reclamation law enforcement and security only. To file a complaint against other employees of the Bureau of Reclamation, please contact the local Bureau of Reclamation office or Human Resources office. ***

The Bureau of Reclamation Internal Affairs Unit documents and investigates allegations of misconduct against Department personnel that are received both through internal (administrative) and external (citizen generated) means. When filing a complaint, please include as much of the following information as possible to help ensure that a thorough investigation is conducted:

  • Describe the incident, to include the date, time and location
  • The officer’s name, badge number, and description
  • Identification of any witnesses, to include names, addresses, and telephone numbers
  • Vehicle description, to include the tag number and the State of registration.

Filing a Complaint

Persons who wish to file a complaint with the Bureau of Reclamation have several ways to do so. A complaint may be filed:
  • In person at any Bureau of Reclamation facility.
  • By calling the Internal Affairs Unit at (303) 445-4920. A message may be left on the 24-hour recorded line; someone will return the call within 48 hours.
  • By emailing your complaint. Email your complaint to
  • By mailing a letter that describes the complaint to the Internal Affairs Unit at the following address: Bureau of Reclamation, Internal Affairs Unit, 84-420000 Lakewood, CO 80225

The Complaint Process

When a complaint is received, the Internal Affairs Unit will notify the complainant that the complaint has been received and assigned for investigation, if contact information has been provided.
The investigator assigned to the case will conduct a thorough investigation, to include an interview of the involved employee and any witnesses that have been identified. The investigator may contact the complainant for additional information or to clarify information already provided. The investigator will make a determination concerning the complaint based upon the proven facts. The decision will be one of the following four findings:

  • Unfounded – the allegation is false or not factual.
  • Exonerated – the actions were proper.
  • Not Sustained – the complaint can be neither proved nor disproved.
  • Sustained – the actions were improper.
If an allegation is sustained, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against the affected employee.

The complainant will be notified by letter with the results of the investigation. In accordance with law and out of respect for the employee’s privacy, we do not release what specific discipline was imposed on the employee.

Last Updated: 8/28/18