Risk Management


Published papers by Reclamation staff and others which provide instructive information on Reclamation's use of risk analysis and risk assessment are listed below:

"Interim Public Protection Guidelines" - August 2011

"Interim Public Protection Guidelines - Rationale" - August 2011

"Interim Public Protection Guidelines - Examples of Use" - August 2011

"Using Risk to Make Decisions, Prioritise Resources, and Measure Performance for Water Resources Facilities at the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation" - Snorteland, N. and Dinneen, E., 2007 ANCOLD/NZSOLD Conference, Queenstown, New Zealand, November, 2007.

"A Procedure for Estimating Loss of Life Caused by Dam Failure," - U.S. Bureau of Reclamation publication DSO-99-06, September 1999.

"Bureau of Reclamation's Dam Safety Program," - Achterberg, D., Nineteenth Annual USCOLD Lecture Series, Dealing with Aging Dams, Atlanta, Georgia, May 17-21, 1999, 41 through 50.

"U.S. Bureau of Reclamation's use of Risk Analysis and Risk Assessment in Dam Safety Decision Making," - Cyganiewicz, J., Smart, J., 20th ICOLD Congress, Q.76, Beijing, 2000, pp351-369.

"Achieving Public Protection with Dam Safety Risk Assessment Practices," - Hennig, C., Dise, K., Muller, B., Risk-Based Decision Making in Water Resources VIII, Proceedings of the Eight Conference, ASCE, Haimes, Moserand, Stakhiv, editors, 19 through 32, 1997.

"To Study International Practice and Use of Risk Assessment in Dam Management," - McGrath, Shane, The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust of Australia, December 2000.


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