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Reclamation's funding is divided into fiscal years that start on October 1st and end on September 30th of the next calendar year. The current fiscal year is 2020. Use the utility below to find research funded by the Science and Technology Program during a specified range of years or use the links here to explore research in other categories.

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Science and Technology Research Funded from 2013 to 2020

The following 674 research projects were fully or partially funded by the Science and Technology Program from 2013 to 2020. Click on a highlighted Researcher link to learn more about that project's Principal Investigator, or click on a linked project title to view that project's details.

Researcher Title ID Start Year End Year
Adams, Angela Evaluating Thin-film Nanocomposite Membranes to Treat Brackish Waters through Reverse Osmosis 5349 2013 2013
Adams, Angela Exploring the Feasibility and Versatility of Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Reclamation Mission Work 553 2016 2016
Andrews, Christopher Research, Develop, and Implement Sandblasting Noise Controls and Strategies to Reduce Reclamation High Noise Processes 2 9595 2013 2013
Angerer, Stuart Alden Lake Berryessa Nutrient Loading Investigation Associated with Fire Caused Erosion 8111 2018 2019
Arias-Paic, Miguel Beneficial Reuse and Waste Minimization of Hexavalent Chrome Ion Exchange Brine 9085 2016 2017
Arias-Paic, Miguel Forward Osmosis Evaluation and Applications for Reclamation 7911 2015 2015
Arias-Paic, Miguel Ion Exchange Pretreatment for Desalting Membrane Processes to Maximize Clean Water Production 20092 2020 2022
Arias-Paic, Miguel Robust Water Treatment Systems for Rural and Small Communities 1759 2014 2015
Asbill-Case, Jessica Pilot testing of renewable-energy powered desalination systems in the Navajo Nation for small and rural communities 19093 2019 2021
AuBuchon, Jonathan Field deployment of a continuous sediment load surrogate 7839 2016 2018
Balcombe, Collins Identifying Reclamation-wide Water Quality Challenges 5144 2016 2016
Balcombe, Collins Research Opportunities to Treat Impaired Water Sources Associated with Reclamation Projects: A Case Study in the Great Plains Region 1715 2017 2017
Bandrowski, David DJ J Large Wood Design Guidelines - National Manual 2754 2013 2013
Bark, Raymond Charles Nonnative game fish escapement from Reclamation reservoirs 1775 2017 2017
Bartojay P.E., Katie Cavitation Resistence of Concrete with Varying Compressive Strengths - Scoping 1786 2017 2017
Bartojay P.E., Katie Chemical Shrinkage Analysis of Nano Silica Cementitious Binders 4967 2013 2013
Bartojay P.E., Katie Collaborative Studies of Hydraulic Concrete Surfaces to Reduce Concrete Damage for Water Resource Structures 1885 2018 2020
Bartojay P.E., Katie Comparative Analysis on Reducing Concrete Shrinkage and Cracking 2725 2015 2015
Bartojay P.E., Katie Comparative Analysis on Reducing Concrete Shrinkage and Cracking 7644 2016 2018
Bearce, Richard Field Implementation of Burrowing Animal Deterrents for Earthen Canal Embankments 19317 2019 2021
Bearup, Lindsay Improving distributed hydrologic models using multiscale thermal infrared, near infrared, and visible imagery from sUAS and satellite-based sensors 19249 2019 2020
Bearup, Lindsay Merging high-resolution airborne snowpack data with existing long-term hydrometeorological observations to improve water supply forecasting 8116 2018 2019
Bell, Alan Evaluation of the Falcon 8+ Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) for Reclamation Bridge, Canal, and Infrastructure Inspections 1886 2018 2019
Bell, Alan Investigating the Capabilities of the UAV-Predator for Reclamation Infrastructure O&M 9059 2014 2014
Bell, Erin Develop GPS/GIS enabled Tablet Applications to Modernize Resources and Monitor Facility Condition 9652 2016 2016
Bender, Merlynn D Improving water quality with water storage mixing systems 6988 2015 2017
Bender, Merlynn D Increased Hydrogeneration while Improving Environmental Conditions (2) 9650 2012 2013
Bender, Merlynn D Open Water Quality Data Initiative 1415 2016 2016
Bender, Merlynn D Review of Top Down Water Storage Mixing Systems 6415 2016 2016
Blair, Timothy Automating Refuge Water Supply Data 3764 2016 2017
Blatchford, Douglas B. A Web-Based Data Assimilation Framework for Improving Operational Decision Making 4628 2014 2014
Blatchford, Douglas B. Development of short-range forecasts of weather-driven channel losses and gains to support Reclamation water management 1845 2018 2020
Blatchford, Douglas B. Evaluation of Approaches to Determine Mixing and Assimilation of Reuse Effluent 7100 2017 2019
Blatchford, Douglas B. Evaluation of approaches to determine mixing and assimilation of reuse effluent. 1397 2016 2016
Bloom, Kevin Using Freshwater Sponge Chemical/Mechanical Defense as a Bio-Control for Mussel Settlement 3908 2015 2015
Bountry, Jennifer Evaluating Climate-induced Runoff and Temperature Change on Stream Habitat Metrics for Endangered or Threatened Fish 6507 2011 2013
Bountry, Jennifer Open Data Pilot for Integrating BOR River and Reservoir topographic and sediment data into RISE 20077 2020 2022
Bountry, Jennifer Predicting Vertical and Lateral Sediment Erosion in River and Reservoir Settings 7356 2012 2014
Bountry, Jennifer Synthesis of Ecological and Physical Effects of Dam Removal Projects 1666 2015 2015
Bradley, D. Nathan Can a numerical model simulate observed patters of gravel dispersion based on river bed morphology and flow hydraulics? 5049 2015 2017
Bradley, D. Nathan Coupling to Reclamation's Surface Water Model to a Groundwater Model 3226 2016 2017
Bradley, D. Nathan Integrating the Sedimentation and River Hydraulics model (SRH-2D) into the International River Interface Cooperative (iRIC) river simulation framework 1762 2017 2017
Bradshaw, Jeremiah Alternate Insulating Fluids for Power Transformers 100 2015 2017
Braz, Rebecca Utilizing Acoustic Sensors to Detect Streambed Mobilization 20070 2020 2020
Broman, Daniel Can better representation of low-elevation snowpack improve operational forecasts? 19178 2019 2020
Broman, Daniel Hydrologic model comparison in support of water resources planning and operations studies 1894 2018 2019
Brown, April Ergonomic Scoping 1604 2016 2018
Brown, April Hearing Protector Fit Project 3810 2016 2018
Brown, April Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) 8141 2018 2020
Bruninga, William Scoping and Research and Development of an Unmanned Remote Controlled or autonomous Watercarft (ROV) to Collect Water Samples in the River 1753 2017 2017
Bruninga, William Scoping for Water Quality Import Software for Filed and Lab Data 1742 2017 2017
Bui, Chi Validation of a design equation for bendway weirs to control bank erosion and enhance river environment 2645 2016 2016
Caldwell, Raymond Ingredients-based Climatology and Future Projections of Extreme Precipitation Events Using a Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) Framework 6917 2012 2013
Camp, Susan Exploring Techniques to Reduce Lamprey and Salmonid Entrainment into Canals 2621 2016 2018
Carlson, John Sediment Accumulation in Reservoirs: Comparison of Watershed Sediment Yield Models with Measured Sedimentation Volumes 9353 2013 2013
Cepak, Zachary Evaluating Kevlar Rope for Use in Gate Hoist and Crane Applications for Improved Service Life 20036 2020 2022
Chapman, Michelle J Strategies for Treating Variable Source Water 9316 2010 2013
Claggett, Benjamin GP Environmental Compliance Database 7115 2016 2017
Clair, Kyle Excitation and Governer Control System 19004 2019 2020
Clark, Douglas Developing and Maintaining a Community of Interest Dedicated to the Potential Uses of Near Remote Sensing and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Technologies within the Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) to Reduce Costs and Add Technical Capacity 3823 2015 2017
Clark, Douglas Examining the Utility of Unmanned Vehicle Technology to Map Topography 4926 2012 2013
Clark, Douglas Exploring Potential Uses of Near Remote Sensing and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Technologies in Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) Science, Engineering, and Operations to Reduce Costs and Add Capabilities 3734 2012 2014
Clark, Douglas Fostering Data Stewardship Best Practices in Reclamation 3840 2015 2017
Clark, Douglas Improving Reclamation's Capacity to Disseminate Information and Receive Feedback 2055 2015 2015
Clark, Douglas Pilot Testing Data Stewardship Processes on River Restoration and Hydrologic Data Sets 3760 2013 2014
Clark, Douglas Scoping Tools for Water Conflict Management 1380 2014 2014
Clark, Douglas Tools for Managing of Disputes over Science in the Bureau of Reclamation 6641 2013 2013
Collins, Kent Developing Guidelines for Formulating Reservoir Sustainability Plans 6080 2013 2014
Council, Patrick Power System Instrumentation 20009 2020 2022
Cuhaciyan, Christopher Mobility and Stability of Large Woody Material 3842 2013 2013
Cuhaciyan, Christopher Safety benchmarking study 7252 2015 2017
Cuhaciyan, Jennifer Animated Tea-Cup Diagram Tool for Visualization of System-wide Conditions Over Time 631 2016 2016
Cunningham, Amber Evaluation and Preliminary Testing of Project Management Software for use in Reclamation 1619 2015 2017
Dahm, Katharine Oxnard Saline Treatment Wetlands 9424 2012 2013
Dahm, Katharine Produced Water Treatment Primer for Oil and Gas Operations 1617 2013 2014
Dahm, Katharine Projected Impacts of Climate Change Induced Water Quality Trends on Reclamation Operations 4311 2013 2013
Daniels, Christine Alternative Reinforcement for Concrete in Corrosive Environments 620 2016 2016
Daniels, Christine Evaluation of Field Repairable Materials and Techniques for Cavitation Damage 8452 2016 2018
Daniels, Christine Self-Healing Coatings to Mitigate Corrosion and Impact Damage 1623 2016 2016
Danner, Allison Developing a Sustainable Framework to Support Open Data for Reclamations Colorado River Basin Decision Support Systems 5541 2016 2018
Danner, Allison Expanding to New Data Domains in the Reclamation Information Sharing Environment (RISE) 7127 2017 2018
Dawson, Theresa Adaptation of the Existing Fryingpan-Arkansas Project RiverWare Planning Model to Support Operational Modeling, Forecasting, and Probabilistic Decision-Making 20044 2020 2020
DeHaan, Jim Determining Hydro Generation Start/Stop and Cycling Costs 1880 2018 2020
DeHaan, Jim Fuel Cell Evaluation – Report on the long-term performance of fuel cells installed to provide extended backup power at several ECAO communication sites. 20013 2020 2020
DeHaan, Jim Large Synchronous Generators Computer Models 3772 2015 2015
DeHaan, Jim Machine Condition Monitoring 1719 2017 2019
DeHaan, Jim Machine Condition Monitoring - Enhance and expand Reclamation developed Machine Condition Monitoring (MCM) system. System utilizes in-house developed software and commercial data acquisition hardware. 20012 2020 2022
DeHaan, Jim Non-dispatchable Renewable Integration 7946 2015 2015
DeHaan, Jim Non-dispatchable Renewable Integration 2533 2016 2018
DeHaan, Jim Plant Condition Monitoring 2879 2014 2016
DeHaan, Jim Power System Safety 5446 2014 2014
DeHaan, Jim Power System Safety 613 2015 2017
DeHaan, Jim Protection System Testing Improvements 2446 2014 2016
DeHaan, Jim Protection System Testing Improvements 1728 2017 2019
DeHaan, Jim Reduced Cost Hydropower Maintenance 5021 2011 2013
DeHaan, Jim Renewable Integration and Small Hydro 6144 2011 2013
DeHaan, Jim Rotor-Mounted Scanner – Participate in the development and deployment of a new and improved version of the Rotor-Mounted Scanner hydro condition monitoring system, designated StatorScan.™ 20014 2020 2022
DeHaan, Jim Wireless Instrumentation Capability 1738 2017 2019
Delagah, Saied An Ultra-low-cost Thermal Energy Storage System using Reverse Osmosis Concentrate 8133 2018 2018
Delagah, Saied Cellulose Acetate Membrane 1526 2013 2013
Delagah, Saied Concentrate Management Toolbox and Selected Case Studies 5239 2015 2017
Delagah, Saied Concentrate Minimization through Development of an innovative In-line Static Mixer 20058 2020 2022
Delagah, Saied Concentrate Minimization via Pellet Softening - Process Evaluation and Pilot Study 2444 2012 2014
Delagah, Saied Contaminant of Concern (CEC) in Potable Reuse Concentrate 4243 2016 2017
Delagah, Saied Evaluating Contaminates of Emerging Concern’s Fate in Potable Reuse Membrane Treatment 20083 2020 2021
Delagah, Saied Renewable Energy Evaluation for Zero Liquid Discharge Processes 7399 2012 2013
Delagah, Saied Scaling resistant RO/NF membrane 1855 2018 2020
Delange, Kelly Sandblasting Noise Project New Nozzle 5 2016 2016
Deming, Bart Navajo-Gallup Water Supply Project - San Juan Lateral Source Water Blending and Corrosion Studies 20008 2020 2022
Dill, Ginger Water Rights Information Management System (WRIM) 20088 2020 2020
Dillon, Chuck Integrating Reclamation’s Mission in the National Wildland Fire System 5010 2015 2015
Dodgen, Laurel Leverage Existing Environmental Data for Improved Usability by Standardization and Migration to RISE-Compatible Database 19210 2019 2021
Dombroski, Daniel Development of Software Tools for Efficient Processing of Bathymetry and Discharge Data 3937 2013 2013
Dombroski, Daniel Development of Software Tools for Efficient Processing of Bathymetry and Discharge Data 1779 2017 2017
Dombroski, Daniel Evaluating Chirp Technology for Measuring Reservoir Sedimentation Thickness and Stratigraphy 20067 2020 2020
Dombroski, Daniel Improving predictions of scour in the vicinity of vegetation in habitat rehabilitation areas 19290 2019 2020
Dombroski, Daniel Investigating feasibility of acoustic Doppler methods for monitoring suspended sediment 1777 2017 2017
Dombroski, Daniel Modeling of complex sediment processes using experimental data and laboratory measurements 1778 2017 2018
Dombroski, Daniel Monitoring Detritus Deposition and Scour Downstream of Minidoka Dam with Implications to Snake River Physa Snail Habitat and Irrigation Canals. 20064 2020 2022
Dombroski, Daniel Monitoring Suspended Sediment: An Investigation Coincident with the Cherry Creek Reservoir Annual Flush 20069 2020 2022
Dombroski, Daniel Remote Sensing of Vegetation Characteristics for Estimation of Roughness in Hydraulic Modeling Applications 6034 2016 2017
Dombroski, Daniel Suspended Sediment Monitoring Techniques: An Investigation Coincident with the Cherry Creek Reservoir Annual Flush 1893 2018 2018
Dombroski, Daniel Technology Transfer: Developing Tools for Efficient Handling of Data for Hydraulic Modeling and Habitat Analysis 19239 2019 2019
Dundorf, Steve Demonstration Forward Osmosis Treatment System 326 2014 2014
Dundorf, Steve Forward Osmosis Treatment System Assessment 9740 2013 2013
Dundorf, Steve Quantifying the Cost of Water Treatment 1757 2017 2017
Eastment, Eric Effects of Water Absorption on Epoxy-Mica Based Stator Winding Insulation Systems 19251 2019 2021
Eastment, Eric Power System Diagnostics 548 2011 2013
Eastment, Eric Power System Diagnostics 5040 2014 2015
Eastment, Eric Power System Diagnostics 1776 2016 2018
Eastment, Eric Power System Safety 9629 2011 2013
Eastment, Eric Reduction of Damaging Stator Core and Winding Vibrations in Large-Diameter Salient-Pole Synchronous Machines 19223 2019 2021
Eder, Christopher Scoping the potential use of ecosystem service accounting protocols in environmental analysis 4942 2014 2014
Egan, Randall Evaluation of Alternative Fire Suppression Methods for Generators For Improved Safety, Effectiveness and Reliability 20100 2020 2022
Ellis, Chris Demonstration of Synthestic Sheet Piles to Improvement Canal Safety 1700 2017 2018
England, John Methodology and Data for Quantifying Extreme Precipitation Events in a Changing Climate 1385 2012 2013
Fallon, Kendra Development of a platform for wildfire incident support and evaluation of post-fire impacts 20019 2020 2021
Fennema, Scott Maintaining canal capacity and delivery feature reliability through the use of ultraviolet aquatic vegetation control. 20041 2020 2022
Fenolio, Joel Improving volume forecasting tools for snow dominated basins 19256 2019 2021
Ferguson, Ian Michael Continued Field Measurement of Riparian ET, Lower Colorado River Basin 3484 2013 2013
Ferguson, Ian Michael Continued Field Measurement of Riparian ET, Lower Colorado River Basin 6224 2014 2015
Ferguson, Ian Michael Dynamic Simulation of Reclamation's Surface-Water Operations in MODFLOW-Based Hydrologic Models 6672 2016 2017
Ferguson, Ian Michael Evaluating the Relevance, Credibility, and Applicability of CMIP5 Climate Projections for Water Resources and Environmental Planning 1005 2012 2016
Ferguson, Ian Michael Field Measurement of Riparian ET, Lower Colorado River Basin -- Decommissioning and Final Data Report 3854 2016 2016
Few, Benjamin Use of Natural Ester Oil as a Dielectric for Power Transformers 1606 2015 2018
FitzHugh, Thomas Investigation of Software Tools for Visualization of Results from Water Resources Planning Models 3265 2015 2015
Fitzmaurice, Michael Near-Real-Time Visualization of Water Quality in Rivers and Estuaries in the western United States. 7172 2013 2013
Flint, Leah Cost modeling of membrane desalination processes using Reclamation’s WaTER model 1877 2018 2020
Foraker, Erin K Hydro Power Roadmap 9488 2014 2014
Foraker, Erin K New Reclamation-wide Maintenance Management Toolset 20203 2020 2020
Foster, Melissa Side channel evolution, geomorphic diversity, and sediment transport on the Bighorn River following larger dam releases between 2008 and 2018 19306 2019 2020
Foster, Melissa Using beryllium-10 derived erosion rates as a proxy for reservoir sedimentation 1792 2017 2019
Gaeuman, David Assessment of Habitat Complexity and Ecological Functions Provided by Gravel Bars Resulting from Gravel Augmentation and Channel Rehabilitation 5907 2013 2013
Gaeuman, David Bedload Adaptation Length for Modeling Bed Evolution in Gravel-bed Rivers 3054 2012 2013
Gaeuman, David Compilation and Assessment of River Restoration Evaluation Metrics 7592 2014 2014
Gaeuman, David Seismic Monitoring of Bedload Transport in Large Gravel-bed Rivers 5561 2015 2015
Gallagher, Theresa 3D Laser Ear Scanning 8479 2016 2017
Gallagher, Theresa Develop advanced engineering controls for further noise reduction in Chandler and Roza or in Seminoe Powerplants 8849 2015 2015
Gallagher, Theresa Identify Primary Noise Sources in the Powerplant and Implement Noise Engineering Controls to Reduce Exposures to Employees 6433 2012 2014
Gallagher, Theresa Implementing Noise Engineering Controls in larger powerplant 8181 2015 2015
Gangopadhyay, Subhrendu Analysis of infrequent large groundwater recharge events: Their importance for long-term groundwater availability, use, and management 5424 2014 2015
Gangopadhyay, Subhrendu Exploring the possibilities of improving flood frequency analysis in the West by incorporating paleohydrologic reconstructions 20056 2020 2022
Gangopadhyay, Subhrendu Flood Frequency Variability on Seasonal to Multidecadal Time Scales in the Western US and Implications for Infrastructure Planning 1916 2013 2015
Gangopadhyay, Subhrendu Forecasting Crop Irrigation Water Requirements 1472 2014 2014
Gangopadhyay, Subhrendu Importance of Temporal and Spatial Scale on Basin-Scale Groundwater Recharge Estimates in Historical and Projected Climate Change Conditions 9037 2016 2016
Gangopadhyay, Subhrendu Soil-Water-Balance Recharge Estimates for the Upper Colorado River Basin under Climate Change 2005 2015 2016
Gappa, Matthew Geospatial Tool for Instrumentation Inventory and Collection and Evaluation of Readings. 20020 2020 2021
Gaston, Todd Adaptation of Western US Agriculture to Climate Change Induced Water Scarcity 7430 2013 2013
Gaston, Todd Economic Analysis of Reservoir Sedimentation 8109 2018 2018
Gaston, Todd Improved Hydro Modeling with DOE NREL 200 2016 2017
Gault, Greg Design and Development of a Prototype Tool for Integrated Climate Downscaling and Streamflow Prediction using Open Source GIS Software 9449 2013 2014
Germann, John Cavitation Detection Techniques for Optimizing Hydraulic Turbine Operation and Maintenance 8121 2018 2020
Germann, John Cavitation Detection Technology for Optimizing Hydraulic Turbine Operation and Maintenance 2386 2014 2014
Germann, John Cavitation Detection Technology for Optimizing Hydraulic Turbine Operation and Maintenance 2944 2015 2017
Germann, John Effective Cavitation Detection Techniques for Hydraulic Turbines 9933 2011 2013
Germann, John Generator Rotor Rim to Spider Arm Attachment Data Collection 7140 2017 2020
Germann, John Shear Pin Failure Prediction Through the Use of Acoustic Emission Sensing and Analysis 7567 2013 2014
Germann, John Shear Pin Failure Prediction Through the Use of Acoustic Emission Sensing and Analysis 8542 2015 2015
Germann, John Using Strain-Sensing Technology to Increase Safety and Reliability of Inaccessible Critical Connections in Hydropower Equipment 20076 2020 2021
Gill, Tom Affordable Self-Cleaning Trash Rack 3107 2011 2013
Gill, Tom Database for Field Performance of Electronic Water Level Sensors 216 2011 2013
Gill, Tom Design Refinement and Construction Drawings for Overshot Gates that Irrigation Districts can Construct Themselves 2319 2011 2013
Gill, Tom Wireless Automated Control of Surface Irrigation Systems for Improved Irrigation Efficiency 8969 2011 2013
Godaire, Jeanne Paleoflood Hydrology of the Colorado River System: Implication for Climate Changes 1736 2017 2018
Godaire, Jeanne Paleoflood Hydrology of the Colorado River System: Implications for Climate Change 5874 2016 2017
Good, Darryl Viability of Computer/Robotic Controlled Penstock Coating Removal and Application 4047 2016 2016
Greimann, Blair Assessing and Reducing the Uncertainty of Predictions from Hydraulic and Hydrologic Models 9320 2011 2013
Greimann, Blair Developing tool to assess model uncertainty in sediment simulation 8680 2015 2015
Greimann, Blair Effects of Climate Change and Reservoir Operations on Riparian Vegetation 1596 2014 2016
Greimann, Blair Predicting the Interactions between Flow, Sediment, and Riparian Vegetation 1368 2011 2013
Greimann, Blair Prediction of Reservoir Sediment Pressure Flushing 1754 2017 2019
Greimann, Blair Reservoir Sediment Prediction over the Western U.S. 1752 2017 2017
Guerra, Katherine Development and Commercialization of Chlorine Resistant Membranes 6789 2015 2017
Guerra, Katherine Development and evaluation of a hybrid photovoltaic reverse osmosis system for treating brackish groundwater 1340 2014 2015
Guerra, Katherine Development of new chlorine-resistant polyamide membranes 4924 2014 2014
Guerra, Katherine Evaluating the costs and benefits of treating locally impaired water supply sources versus importation of fresh water 9252 2014 2014
Guerra, Katherine Investigation of benefit and application of desalination fuel cells to meet Reclamation's rural water needs 8673 2013 2013
Guerra, Katherine Research to identify how to improve existing desalination approaches to reduce primary energy use 1769 2017 2019
Guerra, Katherine Updated Summary on Produced Water Treatment Research Funded by Reclamation 1601 2016 2016
Gulsvig, Carter Development and Field Research on Next Generation Coatings for Mussel Mitigation on Infrastructure 19196 2019 2021
Gulsvig, Carter Polysiloxane and Vinyl coatings Comparison and Field Trial 19227 2019 2021
Gulsvig, Carter UAS Demonstration and Development for Inaccessible Features Inspections 20096 2020 2022
Gundlach, David Fusion of in-situ soil moisture and remotely sensed data. 19136 2019 2019
Gutierrez, Angel Application of Enzyme Induced Carbonate Precipitation (EICP) for Channel Lining and Repair, Low Volume Road Stabilization, Embankment Construction, and Erosion Control 1840 2018 2018
Gutierrez, Angel Bio-based barriers for seepage and internal erosion control 1833 2018 2018
Hall, Geoffrey Multi-Sensor Array Buoy for Water-Side Security of Dams 8423 2014 2014
Halper, Eve A comparison of precipitation downscaling procedures to guide flooding and water resources studies 9039 2016 2017
Hamel, Jama Broad Area Irrigation Scheduling Mobile App 966 2014 2014
Hamel, Jama Case Studies and Outreach using Irrigation Scheduler Mobile and Android Development 2000 2016 2016
Hanna, Leslie Application of Flow Deflector Technology 3532 2014 2014
Hanna, Leslie Cone Screen Riverine Baffle Design 3670 2012 2013
Hanna, Leslie Downstream fish passage for large storage dams 3544 2014 2014
Hanna, Leslie Helix Downstream Fish Passage Design 3437 2015 2015
Harpman, David Alexander Application of New Discounting Approaches for Long-Lived Water Resource Investments 9994 2015 2015
Harpman, David Alexander Discounting for Long-Lived Water Resource Investments 3574 2014 2014
Harpman, David Alexander Phase 2- Advanced Optimization Algorithms for Hydropower Dispatch 3906 2012 2013
Harpman, David Alexander Value Attributes in Pump Generation Plants 9737 2014 2015
Harrel, Shannon Concrete Fabric for Concrete Canal Lining Repairs 19277 2019 2019
Harrel, Shannon Development of Practical Guidelines to Achieve Compatibility in Concrete Repairs and Overlays 7103 2017 2017
Harrel, Shannon Evaluation of Packaged Concrete Repair Material to Measure Variability between Batches and Packaging Facilities 1796 2017 2017
Harrel, Shannon Permeability Compatibility Between Concrete Repair Material and Concrete Substrate 1863 2018 2020
Haws, Mitchell Renewable Power Generation for Water Transmission 8343 2012 2014
Haws, Mitchell Solar Photovoltaic Desalination 4850 2011 2014
Haws, Mitchell Solar Photovoltaic Desalination Using Distillation 6806 2015 2015
Hedrick, Ryan Switching Block for Diving 4 2016 2016
Heiner, Bryan Cyclone Separators to Mitigate Mussel Shell Debris 8169 2016 2017
Heiner, Bryan Field Evaluation of Low-cost Ultrasonic Flow Meters 8632 2014 2016
Heiner, Bryan Field Performance Evaluation of Water Level Sensors 7833 2015 2017
Heiner, Bryan Hydraulically Driven Grinders to Mitigate Mussel Shell Debris 1847 2018 2020
Heiner, Bryan Modernization of Trashrack Raking Systems to Manage Quagga Mussel Settlement 2675 2011 2013
Heiner, Bryan Photogrammetric Water Surface and Velocity Mapping Near Complex Water Infrastructure 1721 2017 2017
Heiner, Bryan Researching a Concept for a Self Regulating Articulated Fishway 2 6294 2015 2015
Heiner, Bryan River restoration freeboard design requirements 1798 2017 2019
Heiner, Bryan Self-Cleaning Strainers and Filtration to Mitigate Mussel Impacts 1846 2018 2020
Heinzer, Thomas Center for Data Management 7671 2015 2015
Henderson, Christine Advancement of Cathodic Protection Monitoring and Control for Water Storage Tanks 20023 2020 2022
Henderson, Christine Finite Element Modeling of Corrosion of Reclamation Dam, Pipeline, and Water Storage Infrastructure 1720 2017 2017
Henderson, Christine Laboratory Evaluation of Field Repairable Materials and Techniques for Cavitation Damage: Phase II 20024 2020 2022
Herbst, George Environmental Resources Data Mapping Pilot to support Reservoir Operations Planning 1758 2017 2018
Hernandez, Miguel Effects of Self-Healing Concrete on Aging Concrete Structures 7064 2016 2016
Hernandez, Miguel Effects of Self-Healing Concrete on Aging Concrete Structures 1791 2017 2018
Hilldale, Robert C. Calibration of Bed Load Impact Sensors for Surrogate Sediment Measurement 115 2012 2014
Hilldale, Robert C. Elwha Impact Plate System - accelerometers 6209 2016 2017
Hilldale, Robert C. FISP 1709 2017 2017
Hilldale, Robert C. Federal Interagency Sedimentation Project 2559 2013 2015
Hilldale, Robert C. Field Testing and Calibration of a Hydrophone System for Surrogate Bedload Measurement 9342 2015 2015
Hilldale, Robert C. Measuring bed load with hydrophones 7906 2016 2017
Hilldale, Robert C. Passive Acoustic (Hydrophone) Measurement of Coarse Bed Load 4864 2012 2014
Hilldale, Robert C. Pilot Studies of Reservoir Sustainability Options - Large Reservoirs 9344 2016 2018
Hilldale, Robert C. Signal Processing From Bedload Impact PLates Instrumented With an Accelerometer 4542 2015 2015
Hoag, Anna An Evaluation of Water Management Opportunities Related to Oil and Gas Development – Upper Washita River Basin, Oklahoma 3607 2014 2014
Hoag, Anna Development of Methodologies to Evaluate the Environmental, Financial and Social Benefits of Water Reuse Projects 4180 2014 2014
Hoag, Anna Integrating Reclamation Advanced Water Treatment Research Priorities into Pilot and Demonstration Projects 1009 2014 2014
Hogg, Ryan Feasibility of Utilizing Optical Instrument Transformers in Reclamation Power Facilities 19219 2019 2019
Holdren, Chris Ecological Impacts and Possible Environmental Controls of Zebra/Quagga Mussels on Reclamation Reservoirs 6003 2013 2013
Holdren, Chris Investigating an Innovative Constructed Wetland Design for Removing Endocrine Disrupting Compounds from Reclaimed Wastewater 9589 2015 2017
Holman, Kathleen Application Potential in Flood Hydrology and Meteorology Group Work Processes 390 2013 2016
Holman, Kathleen Development of Web-based Stochastic Storm Transposition Toolkit for Physically-based Rainfall and Flood Hazard Analysis 1735 2017 2019
Holser, Denise Ranking and Categorizing Aquatic Invasive Species Threatening Western US Waters 7135 2017 2018
Holste, Nathan Can Low-Flow Ecosystem Features be Sustainable in High Energy Urban Flood Channels 1582 2016 2016
Holste, Nathan Design of Low-Flow Ecosystem Features for Urban Flood Control Structures 1726 2017 2019
Holste, Nathan Quantifying the Development and Dynamics of Reservoir Delta and Related Backwater Vegetation in the Context of Physical Drivers 20052 2020 2022
Holste, Nathan Side channel evolution and design: achieving sustainable habitat for aquatic species recovery 19266 2019 2021
Horn, Mike Aging Reservoirs, Climate, Operations, and Potential Cumulative Impacts to Water Quality, Clarity and Fisheries and Recreation 19080 2019 2020
Hosler, Denise Detecting Environmental Impacts of Invasive Mussel Infestations: Development of an Algae and Zooplankton Database using FlowCam™ Technology 2387 2014 2015
Hosler, Denise Detection of Invasive Mussel Environmental DNA (eDNA) by Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) 8912 2014 2014
Hosler, Denise Determining ts of Long Term Use of RO Concentrate on Atriplex Species, Soil characteristics and Microbial Habitats 1780 2017 2019
Hosler, Denise Dressinid Mussel Monitoring and Detection Laboratory 5042 2013 2015
Hosler, Denise Evaluation of an Innovative Constructed Wetland Designed to Remove Endocrine Disrupting Compounds from Reclaimed Wastewater 8896 2016 2018
Hosler, Denise Impacts of Reused/Reclamed Water: Risks and Benefits 9782 2015 2015
Hosler, Denise Predicting Mussel Invasions with Predictive Modeling 3410 2015 2015
Huang, Jennifer The Application of Light Detection and Ranging (LiDar) Technology to Improve the Management and Protection of Heritage Assets in the American Falls Archaeological District, Idaho 9541 2009 2013
Huang, Jianchun Victor Development of a new 2D structured and unstructured mesh generator for flow, sediment, temperature, groundwater, and vegetation modeling 1724 2017 2019
Huang, Jianchun Victor Improvement in the accuracy and speed of riparinan vegetation simulation 1781 2017 2019
Hubble, Joel Denney Design An Adult Fish Transport System For Dam Passage 289 2014 2014
Huggins, Richard Oxnard Saline Demonstration Wetland 7138 2015 2018
Hurcomb, Douglas SEM Characterization of Drain Biofouling for Dreissenid Mussels 2427 2013 2013
Irey, Peter Cracked Embankment Erosion Research 8284 2015 2015
Jackson, Bethany Refining Interpretation Techniques for Determining Brackish Aquifer Water Quality 2924 2016 2016
Jackson, Bethany Using Heat as a Tracer to Better Understand Unlined Conveyance Seepage in an Arid Climate 8001 2016 2016
Jay, Meyer Determining the capabilities and limitations of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) equipped with Light Detection Ranging (LiDAR) sensors when applied to hydrologic studies, infrastructure, mapping, and general land data collection 20091 2020 2022
Jermyn, Matthew Life-Cycle Costs of PCCP Maintenance 20059 2020 2021
Johnson, Anastasia Impacts from Operational Releases to Populations at Risk 1227 2014 2014
Johnson, Jennifer Assessing the relative contributions of hydrologic models to bias corrected future projected climate flows. 1797 2017 2018
Johnson, Jennifer Canal Inspection Methods Literature Review Final Peer Review 7676 2015 2015
Johnson, Jennifer Developing a holistic framework for evaluating system-wide groundwater surface water interaction and interconnected projects using system dynamics modeling methods 20025 2020 2022
Johnson, Jennifer Evaluating Future Agricultural Water Needs using Integrated Modeling Methods 1588 2015 2017
Johnson, Jennifer Hydro-Economic Model Completion and Technology Transfer 8937 2013 2014
Johnson, Jennifer Investigating the Impact of River Regulation on Groundwater Supplies in the Western US 2892 2013 2014
Johnson, Jennifer MODSIM versus RiverWare: A comparative analysis of two surface water modeling tools. 3669 2014 2014
Johnson, Jennifer Scoping Methods for Evaluating and Computing Future Agricultural Water Needs 596 2014 2014
Joy, Westin Chemical Compatibility Between Concrete Repair Materials and ASR Affected Concrete 8126 2018 2020
Kang, Jong B Seepage Detection and Characterization in a Truckee Canal Site using L-band Synthetic-Aperture Radar (SAR) Technology 19258 2019 2020
Karp, Cathy Development of Full-Duplex Passive Integrated Transponder (PIT) Antenna system for Deep River/Canal Systems 5437 2014 2014
Karp, Cathy Evaluation of a new PIT tag antenna for large, deep, flashy river/canal systems 6448 2015 2017
Karp, Cathy Evaluation of salmonid smolt survival at Roza Diversion Dam and the downstream 11-mile Reach 2237 2012 2013
Karp, Cathy Life history and ecological impacts of quagga mussels in Lake Havasu, Lower Colower River 9084 2014 2015
Karp, Cathy Testing ability of widely used fish screens to resist quagga mussel fouling 4923 2013 2013
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Tansey, Michael A Comparison of Methods for Simulating Watershed Evapotranspiration and Runoff under Changing Climatic Conditions 2024 2013 2013
Tansey, Michael Assessment of the Effects of Plant Physiological Responses to Atmospheric Forcings Affecting Crop Water Use and Yields: Literature Review and Model Comparisons 1858 2018 2018
Tansey, Michael Bio-physical Integrated Land Atmosphere Water Simulator (BI-LAWS) 19246 2019 2021
Tansey, Michael West-wide Evapotranspiration Forecast Network 1763 2017 2019
Tansey, Michael West-wide Resource Assessment and Management Planning User’s Platform 1783 2017 2017
Tarbet, Karl Time Series Web Service -- 969 2015 2015
Tassey, Roberta Scoping study of transient TDS/EC conversion ratios in the San Joaquin River Basin 4638 2013 2013
Thiemann, Meghan Scoping of future research opportunities to reduce impacts of fugitive dust on Reclamation’s lands at the Salton Sea and understand impacts of a receding Salton Sea on the Colorado River basin 20043 2020 2020
Tibbs, Kevin Explore the Feasibility of using Unmanned Aircraft Systems in managing Rockfall Hazard Areas 7109 2017 2019
Tordonato, David Additive Manufacturing Investigation and Demonstration for Hydropower Applications 19085 2019 2021
Tordonato, David Field Scale-up testing of Foul Release Coatings 5270 2013 2015
Tordonato, David Finding a Green Alternative to Vinyl Resin Coatings 8835 2015 2017
Tordonato, David Investigation of corrosion inhibitors in protective coastings 1703 2017 2017
Tordonato, David Investigation of corrosion resistant primers, barrier topcoats and duplex systems 1850 2018 2020
Torrey, Jessica Composites Research Roadmap 9940 2015 2015
Torrey, Jessica Corrosion Mitigation System Monitoring 4108 2015 2017
Torrey, Jessica Critical Review of PCCP at Reclamation 7108 2017 2019
Torrey, Jessica Demonstration of USACE Corrosion Protection System Inspection and Monitoring Advancements 19283 2019 2021
Torrey, Jessica Effect of Chlorine vs. Chloramine Treatment Techniques on Materials Degradation in Reclamation Infrastructure 6871 2013 2013
Torrey, Jessica Localization and Spectroscopic Techniques for the Detection of Corrosion on Rebar in Concrete 5213 2014 2014
Torrey, Jessica Mobile Information Collection Application (MICA) Implementation Plan 7876 2015 2015
Torrey, Jessica Novel Methods for the Detection of Corrosion on Rebar in Concrete 1943 2015 2017
Torrey, Jessica PCCP Inspection Truthing and Educational Demonstration 19275 2019 2021
Torrey, Jessica Safe Underwater Corrosion Condition Assessment of Structures 4279 2016 2018
Torrey, Jessica TiO2 Cement for Green Construction 7846 2014 2014
Torrey, Jessica USBR-NIST Exploratory Research Symposium 3913 2015 2015
Torrey, Jessica Use of Tablet Computers for Field and Lab Work 6816 2014 2014
Tosline, Deborah Goodyear Pilot Wetlands: Developing Hydraulic Loading Rates, Hazardous Waste Disposal Requirements, and Optimum Operations for an Inland Concentrate Management Alternative 2922 2016 2018
Tosline, Deborah Impacts of Grade Control Structure Installations on Hydrology and Sediment Transport as an Adaptive Management Strategy 1751 2017 2019
Tosline, Deborah Installing Erosion Control Structures across a Landscape as a Restoration Treatment and Adaptive Watershed Management Alternative for Climate Change 720 2016 2016
Tosline, Deborah Mapping the Indirect Economic Impacts of Climate Change and Water Supply Shortages: Supplementing the Colorado River Basin Study with Innovative Information 5222 2016 2016
Trujillo, Jolene Economic evaluation of activities associated with invasive mussel management 8142 2018 2020
Turcotte, Roger Potentiodynamic Polarization Testing of Zinc Anodes in Natural Waters 8623 2015 2015
Turcotte, Roger Potentiodynamic Polarization Testing to Confirm the Suitability of Zinc Anodes in Natural Waters Specific to Reclamation 6793 2014 2014
Turner, Toni E. Evaluate the impacts of Climate Change on Effectiveness of Habitat Restoration Structures and Restoration Activities 8765 2013 2013
Ubing, Caroline Improve Efficiency of Post-processing Multi-beam Reservoir Bathymetric Survey Data 1822 2018 2018
Ubing, Caroline The potential for restoring thermal refuges in rivers for cold-water salmonids 20031 2020 2022
Ubing, Caroline The potential for restoring thermal refugia for cold-water fishes 19212 2019 2019
Varyu, David Ephemeral Tributary Sediment Loads in the Arid West 2180 2013 2013
Varyu, David Ephemeral Tributary Sediment Transport Measurement 9781 2015 2017
Varyu, David Measuring and Monitoring Sediment Transport in an Ephemeral Stream; Physical and Surrogate Data Collection 1871 2018 2020
Vidergar, Dmitri Application of an ecological health assessment for Reclamation managed reservoirs 5163 2013 2013
Vidergar, Dmitri Fish Tags - The Old/New Tool for Assessing Impacts of Reservoir Operations on Migratory Fish and Critical Habitat 8112 2012 2013
Visser, Richard Dielectric Frequency Response of Generator Stator Windings 1862 2018 2020
Visser, Richard Innovative Adult Fish Transport System For Dam Passage 1662 2016 2017
Von Fay, Kurt Coatings and Sealers to Treat Concrete Deterioration 8232 2013 2013
Von Fay, Kurt Development of Performance Criteria for Surface Preparation of Concrete Substrates Prior to Repair and Overlay 1137 2017 2017
Von Fay, Kurt Evaluating Methods to Seal Leaking Contraction Joints in Dams 3191 2014 2014
Von Fay, Kurt Moisture Content Requirements for Effective Concrete Repairs 6629 2011 2013
Von Fay, Kurt Repair Material Compatibility Requirements for Long Term Concrete Repairs 385 2014 2014
Waechter, Christopher Cyanophage treatment development for mitigating freshwater Harmful Algal Blooms caused by cyanobacteria 20094 2020 2022
Waechter, Christopher Viral Treatment for Harmful Algal Blooms: A Preliminary Inquiry 19157 2019 2019
Wahl, Tony Improving Coanda-Effect Screen Technology 6295 2015 2017
Wahl, Tony Measuring Erodibility of Embankment Soils Containing Gravel 4104 2012 2013
Wahl, Tony Tools to Support Design of Coanda-Effect Screens for Debris Exclusion and Fish Protection 19233 2019 2020
Wahl, Tony Uplift Pressure and Flow through Open Offset Joints in Spillway Chutes 19170 2019 2021
Walker, Kent Intake Vortex Formation and Suppression at Hydropower Facilities 6359 2016 2016
Walker, Kent Investigation of fish screen cleaning by air burst and water jet systems 1710 2017 2017
Walsh, Michael Reducing Canal Seepage through Long-Term Performance Linings 1743 2017 2019
Wang, Jun Basin-scale real-time flow and salt load visualization for TMDL compliance 3942 2014 2014
Wang, Jun Modeling effects of wildfire and fire retardant on nutrients downstream in a watershed scale 20057 2020 2021
Wang, Jun Research and Development of a Watershed-Scale Model/Tool for Simulating the Effects of Wildfires on Mercury Contamination of Land and Water 7112 2017 2019
Weber, Grace Impact of Specimen Geometry and Polarized Potential on Cathodic Disbondment Testing for Protective Coatings 8100 2019 2019
Weber, Grace Leak Repair Demonstrations for Pressurized Mechanical Systems 20074 2020 2022
Weems, James Improving Productivity and Product Development Using Building Information Modeling 1683 2014 2014
Weems, James The Holy Grail of Additive Manufacturing - 3D Metal Printing 1737 2017 2017
White, Janet Refining Interpreation Techniques for Determingin Brackish Aquifer Water Quality 7106 2017 2018
White, Janet Verification that Type V Cement is required for CLSM with high sulfate native soils 2840 2013 2015
Wille, Kurt Optimizing surface model techniques for digital representation of river channels 2834 2012 2013
Wille, Kurt Visualization of climate risk and surface water projection data. 1622 2016 2016
Wille, Kurt West-wide Climate Risk Assessments Agricultural Demands data visualization 7123 2017 2017
Williams, Nick Modeling Changes in Water Quality Resulting from Sediment Delta Interactions 589 2009 2013
Winslow, David Facility Management of Reclamation's Dams - O&M Integration of the Unified Intelligent Model 19182 2019 2021
Winslow, David Facility Management of Reclamation's Dams - The Unified Intelligent Model 9748 2016 2018
Wright, Michael Assessing potential future changes in atmospheric rivers over the western coast of the U.S. 1816 2018 2019
Wright, Michael Simulating California's water supply system under future climate stresses 20075 2020 2022
Wright, Michael Using "waste cold" from Liquid Air Energy Storage to achieve temperature objectives 20071 2020 2021
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