Multi-Sensor Array Buoy for Water-Side Security of Dams

Project ID: 8423
Principal Investigator: Geoffrey Hall
Research Topic: Public and Employee Safety
Funded Fiscal Years: 2014
Keywords: multi-sensor array

Research Question

Specific to water-side protection of dams: Would multi-sensor array buoys be a cost effective way to enhance water side security at critical infrastructure dams?

What effective surveillance buoy system configuration exists that can detect incursions from the surface and underwater, which can accurately determine and characterize the threat, so that suitable deterrence and appropriate response can be exercised?

Need and Benefit

Detection, deterrence and denial are essential for effective water-side security solution, which must function at sufficient range to provide the necessary response time and provide the capability to deliver accurate and appropriate countermeasures. In conjunction with the Security Issue Evaluation findings for thin arch dams, a multi-sensor array system(s) can be identified for site specific deployment. This multi-sensor array buoy may provide a substantial visual deterrent.

Continue to recognize and reduce risks, maintain a resilient infrastructure, and increase communication, outreach, and public confidence.

The primary purpose of this research project is to enhance water-side protection for Reclamation's thin-arch dams. Portions of the vulnerability analysis of thin-arch dams are classified.

Contributing Partners

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Research Products

End products: For scoping: Comprehensive Research Plan. For Field Research Program: Final report based on findings from field deployment of multi-sensor aray

Public awareness via public affairs office releasing articles that represent the continued efforts for public safety; sensitive information will not be provided for public viewing.

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