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2014 Science and Technology Program Review Committee photo The Science and Technology Program Review Committee 2014
Reclamation's Research Office oversees three associated programs, each with its own authorizing legislation or appropriations.

Science and Technology

The Science and Technology Program funds internal research directed at the highest priority problems identified by Reclamation's Regions and Projects, for all areas of Reclamation's mission. The program is competitive, with research proposals funded based on internal reviews of relevancy, and external reviews of technical soundness.

Desalination and Water Purification

The Desalination and Water Purification Program is a competitive program funding external proposals targeted to Reclamation's priority needs in the area of advanced water treatment.

Technology Transfer

The Technology Transfer Program ensures that inventions and technology developed using Federal appropriations are transferred to the public and industry in a way that supports their widest use and benefit, whether through direct publication of findings, or through patenting and licensing of technology to industry.

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