BGT 04-02
Reclamation Manual
Directives and Standards

Subject: Reclamationwide Program Funding Criteria

Purpose: Provides direction on the charging of costs of appropriate Reclamationwide Program activities to assist in fostering consistency in practices throughout Reclamation.

Authority:Reclamation Project Act of 1902 and Supplementary Acts; Title 43 U.S.C. 377, Fact Finders' Act of 1924, Subsection O, as amended.

Contact: Office of Program and Policy Services, D-5000; Security, Safety and Law Enforcement Office, D-1400

1. Background.

  1. Reclamation has broad discretion and latitude in defining which activities are appropriate to be charged to its customers. This discretion is governed by general provisions of Reclamation law, project-specific legislation, and specific provisions of contracts with water user organizations. For those activities where Reclamation has determined the costs to be inappropriate to charge to funded projects (non-project costs), "Reclamationwide Programs" have been established to fund these non-reimbursable costs. These programs include those established in the past as "Associated Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Programs."


  1. To promote consistency in cost accounting, Reclamation issued the Standard Processes of Costing (SPOC) Business Practices in September 1999. All activities that can be identified to a funded project are to be charged to that project, unless specific Reclamation-wide policy or law provides direction to the contrary.


2. Criteria. A number of Associated O&M Programs were established in the past, and several other Reclamationwide programs have since been established for activities that are:

  1. General in nature and benefit the overall Reclamationwide program.

  2. Designed to ensure that Reclamation facilities serve their intended purposes safely, productively, and economically.

  3. In place to allow Reclamation to manage and utilize Federal land, water, and power resources in the most cost beneficial manner.

  4. Conducted on a Reclamation project where there is no separately identified source of funding (i.e., not a funded project; no separate appropriations/funding exist for that project).

  3. Reclamationwide Programs.

  1. Program descriptions . For a description of the activities and representative tasks to be accomplished under the various Reclamationwide Programs, refer to the guidance document entitled, Reclamationwide Program Descriptions in the Programmatic Budget Structure (PBS), Bureau of Reclamation. For the latest version of this document, contact the Program and Budget Office, W-3000.

  2. Program grouping under the PBS. Reclamationwide programs are subdivided into two groups, based on Reclamation’s PBS:

(1) Resources Management Reclamationwide Programs

  1. Departmental Irrigation Drainage Program
  2. Drought Emergency Assistance Program
  3. Efficiency Incentives Program
  4. Environmental and Interagency Coordination Activities
  5. Environmental Program Administration
  6. General Planning Activities
  7. Land Resources Management
  8. National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
  9. Native American Affairs Program
  10. Negotiations/Administration of Water Marketing
  11. Power Program Services (costs of activities are paid by power customers, either through advance payments or reimbursement)
  12. Public Access and Safety Program
  13. Reclamation Law Administration
  14. Reclamation Recreation Management Act - Title XXVII
  15. Recreation and Fish and Wildlife Program Administration
  16. Science and Technology Program
  17. Soil and Moisture Conservation
  18. Technical Assistance to States
  19. Water Reclamation and Reuse Program - Title XVI
  20. Water Management and Conservation
  21. Wetlands Development

These programs are those that relate to Level 2 activities under the Water and Related Resources appropriations of the PBS, which include Water and Energy Management and Development (A10); Land Management and Development (A20); and Fish and Wildlife Management and Development (A30). These three Level 2 activities support the “resource management” aspects of Reclamation projects but do not support the O&M of project-specific water and power facilities. As such, these above outlined programs are to be funded on a nonreimbursable basis (unless otherwise noted) because of their inherent public/social benefits that they provide, although some individual program activities may require cost sharing.

(2) Facilities O&M Reclamationwide Programs

  1. Dam Safety Program
  2. Emergency Planning and Disaster Response Program
  3. Examination of Existing Structures Program
  4. Federal Building Seismic Safety Program
  5. Miscellaneous Flood Control
  6. O&M Program Management
  7. Site Security Program

These programs are those that relate to Level 2 activities under the Water and Related Resources appropriations of the PBS, which include Facility Operations (A40) and Facilities Maintenance and Rehabilitation (A50). These two Level 2 activities support the operation and maintenance (O&M) of project water and power facilities. However, these outlined programs are generally funded on a nonreimbursable basis because of the criteria and activities outlined in Section 2 of these Directives and Standards. Refer to the individual Directives and Standards indicated for these programs for the existing authorizations and/or rationale for the funding of these programs.


(211) 03/31/05
Supersedes (132) 1/17/01