Reclamation Supplements to the

Federal Property Management Regulations


Table of Contents

Top 17 Assignment and Utilization of Space

114S-17 Basic Policy
114S-17.002-70 Responsibility

114S-17.1 Procedures for Assigning Space
114S-17.102-70 Space Assignment by GSA

114S-17.204 Notice to GSA of Relinquishment of Assigned Space

114S-17.3 Space Allowances

114S-17.4 Space Planning and Layout


Top 19 Construction and Alteration of Public Buildings

114S-19.6 Accommodations for the Physically Handicapped
114S-19.607 Reporting

Top 20 Management of Buildings and Grounds

114S-20.1 Building Operations, Maintenance, Protection, and Alterations
114S-20.103 Physical Protection and Building Security
114S-20.104 Private Vehicle Parking
114S-20.105-3 Smoking
114S-20.107 Energy Conservation

114S-20.2 Vending Facility Program for Blind Persons
114S-20.201 Policy
114S-20.206 Reports

114S-20.3 Conduct on Federal Property
114S-20.300 Personal Property
114S-20.308 Soliciting, Vending, and Debt Collection

114S-20.7 Reclamation-Owned or -Leased Buildings
114S-20.70 Office Identification
114S-20.71 Flags
114S-20.74 Department of the Interior Identification Cards
114S-20.75 Maintenance Responsibility
114S-20.7501 Scope
114S-20.7502 Definitions
114S-20.7503 Maintenance Standards
114S-20.7503(a) Grounds and Drainage
114S-20.7503(b) Utilities and Utility Plants
114S-20.7503(c) Structures
114S-20.7504 Maintenance Review
114S-20.7504(a) Review Responsibility
114S-20.7504(b) Testing
114S-20.7504(c) Corrective Action
114S-20.7504(d) Emergency Action
114S-20.7504(e) Maintenance Cost Records
114S-20.7505 Tenant Responsibility
114S-20.7506 Repairs or Alterations by Tenants
114S-20.7507 Minor Betterment by Tenant

Top 25 General

114S-25.2 Interagency Purchase Assignments

Top 26 Procurement Sources and Programs

114S-26.2 Federal Requisitioning System
114S-26.203 Activity Address Codes

114S-26.3 Procurement From GSA STORES Stock

Top 27 Inventory Management

114S-27.1 Stock Replenishment

Top 28 Storage and Distribution

114S-28.3 Centralized Self-Service Stores

Top 37 Government Aviation Administration and Coordination

114S-37.75 Aircraft
114S-37.7501 Standing Operating Procedures
114S-37.7502 Definitions
114S-37.7503 Responsibilities
114S-37.7503(a) Commissioner
114S-37.7503(b) Regional Directors
114S-37.7503(c) Reclamation Aviation Manager
114S-37.7503(d) Reclamation Aviation Safety Manager
114S-37.7503(e) Pilots
114S-37.7503(f) Flight Schedulers
114S-37.7503(g) Employees
114S-37.7504 Pilot Qualifications
114S-37.7504(a) Full-Time Reclamation Pilots
114S-37.7504(b) Part-Time and Incidental Reclamation Pilots
114S-37.7504(c) Contract Pilots
114S-37.7505 Pilot Responsibility and Authority
114S-37.7506 Utilization
114S-37.7507 Airworthiness
114S-37.7508 Official Use
114S-37.7509 Transportation of Official Passengers
114S-37.7510 Transportation of Nonofficial Passengers
114S-37.7511 Transportation of Others
114S-37.7511(a) Unusual Situations
114S-37.7512 Aircraft Insurance for Passengers
114S-37.7513 Replacement of Aircraft
114S-37.7514 Disposal of Aircraft
114S-37.7515 Records
114S-37.7515(a) Operation Records
114S-37.7515(b) Aircraft Flight Records
114S-37.7516 Reports

114S-37.75 Appendix 1 - Aircraft Accident Prevention Plan

Top 38 Motor Equipment Management

114S-38.102 Classification of Passenger Automobiles
114S-38.102-70 Acquisition of Standard Sedans

114S-38.2 Registration, Identification, and Exemption
114S-38.203-3 Records
114S-38.203-70 Acquisition of Plates
114S-38.203-71 Display
114S-38.203-72 Removal

114S-38.3 Official Use of Government Vehicles
114S-38.301-70 Official Use of Government-Owned or -Leased Motor Vehicles
114S-38.301-70(a) Personal Use Prohibited
114S-38.301-70(b) Penalties for Violations
114S-38.301-70(c) Authorized and Unauthorized Use
114S-38.301-71 Authorization to Use a Government-Owned or -Leased Motor Vehicle
            Between Employee's Domicile and Place of Employment
114S-38.301-72 Transportation of Nonofficial Passengers

114S-38.4 Use and Placement Standards
114S-38.402-70 Passenger Cars and Station Wagons
114S-38.402-71 Replacement Standards
114S-38.402-72 Selected Equipment Schedule of Life Expectancy

114S-38.49 Forms
114S-38.4970-5 Bureau of Reclamation Emblem
114S-38.4970-6 Equipment Historical Record ­ Form 7-1688
114S-38.4970-7 Motor Vehicle Accident Reporting Kit ­ Form 7-2206
114S-38.4970-7 Motor Vehicle Accident Reporting Kit ­ Form 7-2206
114S-38.4970-8 Maintenance Service Data ­ Form 7-1323
114S-38.4970-9 Motor Vehicle Inspection ­ Form 7-1776
114S-38.4970-11 Motor Vehicle Utilization Report

114S-38.5 Scheduled Maintenance
114S-38.501-70 Lubrication Standards (Motor Vehicles and Heavy Equipment)
114S-38.502 Motor Vehicle Checklist\
114S-38.502(a) Reclamation Checklist
114S-38.502(b) Commercial Checklist
114S-38.502-70 Warranty
114S-38.502-71 Motor Vehicle Maintenance
114S-38.502-72 Motor Vehicle Inspection Reports
114S-38.502-7115 Manufacturer's Service Manuals

114S-38.6 Reporting Motor Vehicle Accidents
114S-38.600-70 Motor Vehicle Accidents

114S-38.74 Operation and Maintenance of Boats and Other Waterborne Craft
114S-38.7401 Scope of Subpart
114S-38.7402 Responsibility
114S-38.7403 Bureau of Reclamation Requirements for Inspection
114S-38.7404 Requests for Inspection
114S-38.7405 Inspection Reports
114S-38.7406 Official Use
114S-38.7407 Operation
114S-38.7408 Responsibility During Operation
114S-38.7409 Maintenance
114S-38.7410 Records and Reports

114S-38.801-70 Obtaining Service Station Deliveries of Gasoline, Lubricants, Fuel Oil (Diesel),
Kerosene, and Related Services Under Federal Supply Contract

114S-38.801-7001 U.S. Government National Credit Card Standard Form (SF) 149
114S-38.801-7002 Billing Code
114S-38.801-7003 Administrative Control of Credit Cards
114S-38.801-7004 Requisitioning SF-149 From Designated GSA Contractor

114S-38.801 Figure 1 - Shipping Number Table for Reclamation

114S-38.9 Federal Motor Vehicle Fleet Report
114S-38.902-70 Standard Form 82, Agency Report of Motor Vehicle Data
114S-38.902-71 Records

Top 39 Interagency Fleet Management Systems

114S-39.300 Use and Care of GSA Interagency Fleet Management System Vehicles
114S-39.300 Scope of Subpart
114S-39.301 Assignment
114S-39.302 Estimating Requirements
114S-39.303 Utilization Reviews

Top 41 Transportation Documentation and Audit

114S-41.3 Freight Transportation Services Furnished for the Account of the United States
114S-41.304 Exception to the Use of U.S. Government Bills of Lading
114S-41.304-2 Limited Authority to Use Commercial Forms and Procedures

114S-41.308-1 Agency Control

Top 42 Utilization and Disposal of Hazardous Materials and Certain Categories of Property

114S-42.1102-10 Disposal of Firearms

Top 43 Utilization of Personal Property

114S-43.3 Utilization of Excess
114S-43.311-70 Disposal of Firearms
114S-43.311-70(a) Donation
114S-43.311-70(b) Transfer
114S-43.311-70(c) Destruction

114S-43.70 Transfer of Moveable Property to Water Users’ Organization
114S-43.7001 General
114S-43.7002 Determination of Equipment Needed for Operation and Maintenance
114S-43.7003 Transfers in Connection With Rehabilitation and Betterment Work
114S-43.7004 Conveyance of Title
114S-43.7005 Documentation of Transfers
114S-43.7006 Removal of Government Ownership Identification Markings

114S-43.71 General Provisions to Interdepartmental Work
114S-43.7102 Interdepartmental Work
114S-43.7102(a) Authority
114S-43.7102(b) Implementation
114S-43.7102(c) Restrictions
114S-43.7102(d) Reimbursement
114S-43.7102(d)(1) Nonexpendable Property
114S-43.7102(d)(2) Materials and Supplies
114S-43.7201 Intra-Reclamation Transfers
114S-43.7202 Transfers to Other Federal Offices

Top 44 Donation of Personal Property

114S-44.001 Definition of Terms
114S-44.001-3 Donable Property
114S-44.001-3(a) Reimbursable Fund Property

114S-44.7 Donations of Property to Public Bodies
114S-44.701 Scope
114S-44.701-1 Findings and Documentation Justifying Donations to Public
114S-44.701-2 Reviewing Authority

114S-44.5000 Donation Under Stevenson-Wydler Act
114S-44.5001 Scope
114S-44.5002 Procedures
114S-44.5006 Reports

114S-44.6000 Donation of Scientific Research Equipment
114S-44.6000(a) Educational Institutions
114S-44.6000(b) Nonprofit Organizations Other Than Educational Institutions

Top 45 Sale, Abandonment, or Destruction of Personal Property

114S-45.3 Sale of Personal Property
114S-45.301 Policy
114S-45.302 Sale to Government Employees
114S-45.304-2 Negotiated Sales and Negotiated Sales at Fixed Prices
114S-45.304-2(a) Justification for Negotiated Sales
114S-45.304-2(b) Explanatory Statements
114S-45.304-6 Reviewing Authority
114S-45.304-8 Forms Prescribed
114S-45.304-8(a) Performance Bonds
114S-45.304-8(b) Sales to Federal Employees
114S-45.304-10 Deposits and Final Payments
114S-45.304-70 Abstracting and Awarding

114S-45.6 Debarred, Suspended, or Ineligible Contractors
114S-45.603 Notice of Debarment or Suspension

114S-45.8 Mistakes in Bids
114S-45.803 Other Mistakes Disclosed Before Award
114S-45.804 Mistakes Disclosed After Award

114S-45.9 Abandonment or Destruction of Personal Property
114S-45.901 Findings Justifying Abandonment or Destruction

Top 46 Utilization and Disposal of Personal Property Pursuant to Exchange/Sale Authority

114S-46.2 Authorization
114S-46.201-2 Reimbursement
114S-46.201-2(a) Transfers to Other Reclamation Offices
114S-46.201-2(b) Transfers Outside Reclamation
114S-46.201-2(c) Property Acquired From Trust Funds and Other Special Funds
114S-46.202 Exchange/Sale Category List

114S-46.3 Transfer and Exchange Between Federal Agencies
114S-46.303 Solicitation of Bids
114S-46.304 Records
114S-46.304-70 Deposit of Proceeds

Top 47 Utilization and Disposal of Real Property

114S-47.1 General Provisions
114S-47.101 Applicability
114S-47.103-12 Real Property
114S-47.103-15 Other Terms
114S-47.103-15(a) Available Real Property
114S-47.103-15(b) Reportable Real Property
114S-47.103-15(c) Nonreportable Real Property
114S-47.103-15(d) Excess Real Property
114S-47.103-15(e) Surplus Real Property

114S-47.2 Utilization of Excess Real Property
114S-47.201-3 Lands Withdrawn or Reserved From the Public Domain
114S-47.201-4 Transfer Under Other Laws
114S-47.202-1 Reporting Requirements
114S-47.202-2 Reporting of Excess Real Property
114S-47.202-2(a) Property Subject to Flooding
114S-47.202-2(b) Abstracts
114S-47.202-2(c) Reporting Property Purchased From Trust and Other Special Funds
114S-47.202-3 Distribution of SF-118, Report of Excess Real Property
114S-47.202-6 Lands Withdrawn or Reserved From the Public Domain
114S-47.203-3 Notification of Requirements to GSA
114S-47.203-4 Real Property Excepted From Reporting
114S-47.203-7 Use of Other Agencies Excess Property
114S-47.203-9 Non-Federal Interim Use
114S-47.203-9(a) Method of Lease
114S-47.203-9(b) Commissioner's Approval
114S-47.203-9(c) Interim Leasing of Facilities Retained for Future Program Use
114S-47.203-9(d) Interim Leasing of Facilities Obtained Incidental to Site Acquisition
114S-47.203-9(e) Interim Leasing of Excess Real Property
114S-47.203-9(f) Interim Leasing of Surplus Real Property
114S-47.203-9(g) Term of Leases
114S-47.203-9(h) Negotiation Limitations
114S-47.203-70 Circularization and Transfer of Available Real Property
114S-47.203-70(a) Preliminary Review and Coordination
114S-47.203-70(b) Reporting Available Property to the Regional Office
114S-47.203-70(c) Circularization Requirements
114S-47.203-70(d) Circularization of Reportable Real Property
114S-47.203-70(e) Circularization of Nonreportable Real Property
114S-47.203-70(f) Transfer Without Circulation
114S-47.203-70(g) Establishment of Transfer Values
114S-47.203-70(h) Failure to Agree on Transfer Terms
114S-47.203-70(i) Documenting Real Property Transfers
114S-47.203-71 Reimbursement for Real Property
114S-47.203-71(a) Transfers Within the Department
114S-47.203-71(b) Transfer Outside the Department
114S-47.203-71(c) Determining Reimbursability
114S-47.204-2 Property Excepted From Reporting

114S-47.3 Surplus Real Property Disposal
114S-47.300 Scope of Subpart
114S-47.300(a) Facilities Turned Over to Water Users
114S-47.300(b) Protection of Historic and Cultural Properties
114S-47.301-2 Applicability of Anti-Trust Laws
114S-47.301-3 Disposal Under Other Laws
114S-47.301-3(a) Specific Reclamation Laws Covered
114S-47.301-3(b) Disposal Not Covered by FPMR 101-47
114S-47.301-4 Credit Disposals
114S-47.301-5 Records and Reports
114S-47.303-1 Classification of Lands Subject to Flooding
114S-47.303-4 Appraisal
114S-47.303-4(a) Advertised Disposals
114S-47.303-4(b) Negotiated Disposals
114S-47.303-4(c) Disposal by Other Agencies
114S-47.304-4 Sales to Federal Employees
114S-47.304-9 Negotiated Disposals
114S-47.304-9(a) Negotiated Sale of Surplus Property With Estimated Fair Market Value of $15,000 or Less
114S-47.304-9(b) Negotiated Sales of Surplus Property With Appraised Value of More Than $15,000
114S-47.305-1 Acceptance of Offer Less Than Appraised Fair Market Value
114S-47.307-6 Proceeds From Disposal
114S-47.308-1 Power Transmission Lines and Other Installed Power Facilities
114S-47.308-1(a) Under $1,000 in Value
114S-47.308-1(b) $1,000 in Value and Over
114S-47.308-1(c) Failure to Agree on Price or Other Terms
114S-47.308-4 Assignment to Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Education
114S-47.308-4(a) Assignment of Trust Fund Property
114S-47.308-4(b) Procedures
114S-47.308-4(c) Documentation of Transfer
114S-47.370 Exchange of Surplus Real Property
114S-47.370(a) Where the Fair Market Value of the Property is Less Than $1,000
114S-47.370(b) Where the Fair Market Value of the Property is $1,000 or More

114S-47.5 Abandonment, Destruction, or Donation to Public Bodies
114S-47.502 Donations to Public Bodies
114S-47.570 Reviewing Authority

114S-47.49 Illustrations
114S-47.4970-1 Report of Available Real Property (Reportable Property)
114S-47.4970-2 Report of Available Real Property (Nonreportable Property)
114S-47.4970-3 Distribution List for Reports of Available Real Property

Top 48 Utilization, Donation, or Disposal of Abandoned and Forfeited Personal Property

114S-48.70 Lost and Found Property
114S-48.7001 Scope of Subpart
114S-48.7002 Purpose
114S-48.7003 Responsibilities
114S-48.7004 Policy Background
114S-48.7005 Turn-in Procedure
114S-48.7006 Safeguarding Lost Property
114S-48.7007 Returning Lost Property to Rightful Owner
114S-48.7008 Disposition of Unclaimed Property
114S-48.7009 Recordkeeping and Reporting

Top 60 Property Accountability

114S-60 Scope of Part
114S-60.000 Scope of Part
114S-60.000(a) Accountability
114S-60.1 Personal Property Administration
114S-60.100(a) Accountable Officer
114S-60.100(a)(1) Accountable Officer's Signature
114S-60.100(c) Acquire
114S-60.100(c)(1) Notice of Acquisition
114S-60.100(f) Cognizant Employee
114S-60.100(h) Custodial Officer
114S-60.100(n) Materials and Supplies
114S-60.100(v) Property Administrator
114S-60.100(w) Property Management Officer
114S-60.100(aa) Review Authority
114S-60.100(bb) Sensitive Property
114S-60.101 Supplemental Regulations
114S-60.102 Compliance Reviews

114S-60.2 Accountability
114S-60.200-70 Review of Personal Property Holdings
114S-60.200-71 Trust Fund Property
114S-60.200-72 Property Assigned to Reclamation
114S-60.200-73 Property Loaned or Rented to Reclamation
114S-60.201 Use of Government-Owned Property Restricted to Official Purposes and the
Use of Non-Government-Owned Property
114S-60.202-2 Capitalization Threshold
114S-60.202-4 Property Accountability Records
114S-60.202-4(b) Accountable Property in the Custody of Contractors, Grantees,
operators, Concessionaires, or Other Non-Federal Recipients
114S-60.202-70 Evaluating Capitalized Equipment
114S-60.202-70(a) Equipment Acquired by Purchase or Transfer
114S-60.202-70(b) Equipment Fabricated in Shops
114S-60.202-70(c) Equipment Found on Inventory
114S-60.202-70(d) Investment Cost of Heavy Equipment
114S-60.202-70(e) Investment Cost of Equipment
114S-60.202-71 Cost Adjustments
114S-60.203 Accounting for Noncapitalized Property
114S-60.204 Accountable Officers
114S-60.205 Transfer of Accountability
114S-60.206 Responsibility Records
114S-60.206-70 Individual Custody Record Files
114S-60.206-71 Consolidated Receipt for Property
114S-60.206-72 Reconciliation of Custody Records

114S-60.3 Property Inventories
114S-60.300 Responsibility
114S-60.301-70 Annual Physical Inventories
114S-60.301-71 Responsibility for Taking Inventories
114S-60.301-72 Method of Taking Inventory
114S-60.301-73 Records
114S-60.301-74 Regional Office Responsibility
114S-60.302 Special Inventories
114S-60.303 Annual Inventory Reconciliation
114S-60.304 Inventory Report
114S-60.304 Figure 1 - Certificate of Inventory
114S-60.304 Figure 2 - Warehouse Inventory Control System

114S-60.4 Classification of Property
114S-60.400 Responsibility
114S-60.401 Classification Criteria
114S-60.401(a) Nonexpendable
114S-60.401(b) Expendable
114S-60.401(c) Property Control Number (PCN)
114S-60.401(d) Installed
114S-60.401-70 Equipment Classified as Noncapitalized or Expendable

114S-60.5 Receipt of Property and Services
114S-60.502 Basic Receiving Principles
114S-60.502(a) Designation of Receiving Officers
114S-60.502(b) Establishing Initial Accountability for Property
114S-60.502-70 Single Receiving Station
114S-60.502-70(a) Assignment of Traveling Receiving Officer
114S-60.502-70(b) Establish Receiving Responsibility With an Individual Permanently Assigned to an Outlying Location
114S-60.502-71 Use of Purchase Order, Form 7-711
114S-60.502-72 Receiving From Non-Reclamation Sources
114S-60.502-72(a) Receiving Report, Form 7-760
114S-60.502-72(b) Receiving Report, Form 7-760A
114S-60.502-72(c) Cost of Handling Property
114S-60.502-73 Verifying Shipments
114S-60.502-74 Partial Shipments
114S-60.502-75 Overages, Shortages, and Damaged Shipments
114S-60.502-75(a) Noting Damaged and Short Shipments on Government Bill of Lading
114S-60.502-75(b) Storage of Damaged and Over Shipments
114S-60.502-75(c) Documenting the Return of Damaged and Over Shipments to Vendor
114S-60.502-76 Donations
114S-60.502-77 Alternate Methods of Documenting Receipts
114S-60.502-7701 Use of Purchase Order-Invoice-Voucher, SF-44
114S-60.502-7702 Use of Commercial Shop Repair Order Form
114S-60.502-7703 Use of Fedstrip Receiving Report, GSA Form 1348-1
114S-60.502-7704 Capitalized Equipment Fabricated in Reclamation Shops
114S-60.502-7705 Capitalized Equipment Found on Inventory
114S-60.502-78 Accounts to be Charged
114S-60.502-7801 Establishing Charges From the Receiving Report
114S-60.502-7802 Charges by Categories
114S-60.503 Documentation of Receipts
114S-60.503-70 Establishing Unit Prices for Property Received by Transfer
114S-60-503-71 Distribution of Receiving Reports

114S-60.6 Identification of Personal Property
114S-60.600 Government Ownership of Personal Property
114S-60.601-70 Exemption
114S-60.602 Assignment and Display of Property Numbers
114S-60.603 Items Requiring Special Identification
114S-60.603(a) Motor Vehicles
114S-60.603(b) Watercraft
114S-60.603(c) Heavy Equipment
114S-60.603(d) Trailers
114S-60.603-70 Removal of Identification Markings

114S-60.7 STORES Records
114S-60.700-70 Use of Operation Accounts
114S-60.701 STORES Records
114S-60.701-70 Definitions
114S-60.701-71 Initiating Requisitions for Stock Replenishment
114S-60.701-72 Screening Requests Against Warehouse Stock
114S-60.701-73 Identification of Materials and Supplies
114S-60.701-74 Shop Stocks
114S-60.704 Documentation of Issues
114S-60.704-70 Determination of Account to be Charged
114S-60.704-71 Documenting Returns to STORES
114S-60.704-72 Documenting Transfers Between Warehouses on the Same Project
114S-60.704-73 Annual Inventory
114S-60.704-74 Adjusting Overages and Shortages
114S-60.704-75 Storage
114S-60.704-7501 Storage of Materials and Supplies
114S-60.704-7501(a) Materials Stored in Bins
114S-60.704-7501(b) Materials Stored in Original Packages
114S-60.704-7501(c) Large Items of Hardware
114S-60.704-7501(d) Metal Pipe and all Types of Steel
114S-60.704-7501(e) Lumber
114S-60.704-7501(f) Prefabricated Units, Shipped Unassembled, etc.
114S-60.704-7501(g) Salvaged and Used Materials Returned to Storehouse Stock
114S-60.704-7501(h) Spare Parts and Supplies With Major Equipment
114S-60.704-7501(i) All Other Materials/Supplies
114S-60.704-76 Operation of Gasoline, Oil, and Other Storage Facilities
114S-60.705-70 Record and Control of Tax-Free Alcohol
114S-60.705-71 Disposal

114S-60.8 Survey Procedures
114S-60.802-3 Traveling Survey Officer
114S-60.803-2 Distribution
114S-60.805-1 Forms
114S-60.807 Reviewing Authority for Reports of Survey and Certificates of
            Unserviceable Property
114S-60.807-3 Authority to Overturn Findings and Determinations
114S-60.808-1 Reports of Survey
114S-60.810-2 Employee Notification and Participation
114S-60.810-9.70 Establishing Receivable Accounts
114S-60.811 Report Required
114S-60.811(a) Reports of Survey for Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Property
114S-60.811(b) Reports of Survey for Unserviceable Property


Top 70 Tort Claims

114S-70 Tort Claims
114S-70.100 Statutory Authority
114S-70.101 General Requirements in Seeking Damages
114S-70.101(a) Instituting Action to Recover Damages
114S-70.101(b) Time Limitations
114S-70.101(c) Release by Claimant
114S-70.102 Responsibilities for Claims
114S-70.103 Assistance to Claimants
114S-70.104 Claims Related to Civilian Conservation Centers
114S-70.104(a) Exception

114S-70 Tort Claims
114S-70.2 Tort Claims and Appropriations Act Claims
114S-70.200 Purpose
114S-70.201 Definitions
114S-70.201(a) Federal Tort Claims Act
114S-70.201(b) Public Works Appropriation Act
114S-70.202 Processing Tort Claims
114S-70.202(a) Claims for Administrative Determination
114S-70.202(b) Tort Suits
114S-70.203 Processing Appropriation Act Claims
114S-70.203(a) Receipt for Claims
114S-70.203(b) Claims for Administrative Determination
114S-70.202(b) Tort Suits
114S-70.204 Suits Under the Tucker Act or in U.S. Court of Claims

Top 71 Energy Management Program

114S-71.1 General Provisions
114S-71.100 Scope of Subpart
114S-71.200 Station Service Power
114S-71.300 Exempt Buildings/Facilities
114S-71.300(a) Utilities Paid by Others
114S-71.300(b) Unconditioned Buildings/Facilities
114S-71.400 Surveys and Audits
114S-71.500 Beneficial Landscape Practices
114S-71.600 Use of Recovered Materials
114S-71.700 Reports