Hydropower Program | Bureau of Reclamation

Hydropower Program


Reclamation's products and services today cover a wide range of interrelated functions. The products include:

  • Providing municipal and industrial water supplies
  • Hydroelectric power generation
  • Irrigation water for agriculture
  • Water quality improvement
  • Flood control
  • River navigation
  • River regulation and control
  • Fish and wildlife enhancement
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Water related research

Reclamation also provides valuable services, including:

  • Visitor facilities and tours which increase public understanding and interest about power facilities and utilities.
  • Providing irrigation water delivery and storage to meet the needs and balance the interests of all water users, including agricultural users, power users, recreationists, and fish and wildlife
  • Regulating river flows (rates and temperature) from power facilities to accommodate peak use period in a manner that does not adversely affect fish and wildlife and recreationists
  • Operating and maintaining power facilities in manner which minimizes interruption of power generation and helps provide power system support and stability
Last Updated: 6/30/15