Hydropower Program

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A listing of RETIRED FIST manuals is below. The documents require Adobe's Acrobat Reader to view. If you do not have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, it is available at Adobe's site: http://www.adobe.com.

Volume 1 - Operations
  1-1 Hazardous Energy Control Program, April 1994
  1-1 Hazardous Energy Control Program, November 2011
  1-1 Hazardous Energy Control Program, March 2002
  1-2 Operations and Maintenance Improvement Program, May 1989
  1-3 Reports and Records, December 1989
  1-4 Permissible Loading of Generators and Large Motors, March 1991
  1-5 Permissible Loading of Oil-Immersed Transformers and Regulators, April, 1991
  1-6 Limitations in Manual and Automatic Synchronizing, January 1990
  1-7 Numbering Systems, January 1990
  1-8 Load Division and Circulating Current in Parallel Operated Transformers, January 1990
  1-9 Acceptable Generator Power Transients During Switching, January 1990
  1-10 Problem with Two-Breaker Switching Schemes, January 1990
  1-11 Conduct of Power Operations, December 2002
  1-12 Abnormal Operations Generic Technical Guidelines for Power Stations, March 2003

Volume 3 - Electrical Maintenance

  3-8 Operation and Maintenance of Protective Relays and Associated Circuits, September 2006
  3-8 Field Test Procedure for Protective Relays, November 1991
  3-4 Keeping Motor Windings Dry, September 2000
  3-6 Storage Batteries Maintenance and Principles, December 1997
  3-13 An Electrical Method of Moving a Generator Rotor, June 1991
  3-15 Fiber Optic Arc Detector, June 1991
  3-21 General Electric Company Relays, June 1991
  3-22 General Electric Type EJ-0-1 and EF-1 Fuse Problems, June 1991
  3-23 Instrument Transformer Secondary Grounding
  3-24 Overload Protection of Three Phase Motors, June 1991
  3-27 Spare Parts for Westinghouse Outdoor Switches, June 1991
Volume 4 - General Maintenance
  4-1 Maintenance Schedules and Records, October 1965
  4-1A Maintenance Scheduling for Mechanical Equipment, September 1995
  4-1B Maintenance Scheduling for Electrical Equipment, January 2012
  4-1B Maintenance Scheduling for Electrical Equipment, November 2005
  4-1B Maintenance Scheduling for Electrical Equipment, March 2015
  4-5 Use of Cathodic Protection of Buried and Submerged Metals in Corrosion Prevention in Electrical Power Systems
  4-7 Sagging Transmission Line Conductors
  4-8 Herbicides Available for Treating Soil for Total Vegetation Control
  4-9 Oil-Absorbent Materials
  4-10 Bolt Anchor Sulfaset
  4-11 Dam and Powerplant Sump Water Level Indicator, August 1992
  4-12 Diesel Oil Sampling and Rotation Program
Volume 5 - Safety
  5-3 High Pressure Systems, February 1992
  5-8 Safety Procedures for High-Voltage Testing
  5-9 Management and Safe Handling Procedures for Sulfur Hexafluoride Gas
  5-11 Potential Hazard from Messwandler-Bau Instrument Transformers
  5-14 Arc Flash Hazard Program
Water O&M Bulletin No. 160
    Water Operation and Maintenance Bulletin, June 1992
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