Yakima River Basin Water Enhancement Project

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2017 Meeting Notes & Handouts

All Meetings - 9:30 a.m. — 12:30 p.m.

03/08/2017 Kittitas Valley Event Center, Ellensburg
  Agenda PDF 41 kb
  Meeting Notes PDF 92 kb
  Rural Water Presentation PDF 595 kb
  Rural Water Supply ECY, USBR and Yakama Nation PDF 78 kb
  Yakima County Water Resource System PDF 71 kb
  Kittitas County Presentation PDF 510 kb
  Washington State Dept of Agriculture 2015 Drought and Agriculture Presentation PDF 994 kb
  Bumping Reservoir Enlargement Geologic Investigations PDF 1.78 mb
  Proposed Bumping Dam Modifications - Summary of Geophysical Surveys PDF 1.59 mb
  Yakima Integrated Plan - Toppenish to Teanaway PDF 1.59 mb
06/21/2017 Union Gap - Washington State Department of Ecology
  Agenda PDF 41 kb
  Meeting Notes
  Federal NEPA Realty Process
  State SEPA NEPA Process
  Cle Elum Fish Passage Update
  Water Security for the Yakima River Basin's Economy, Communities and Watersheds
09/20/2017 Prosser - Benton County Fire Department
  Meeting Notes
  Yakima River Surface Water Adjudication (Acquavella)
  Technical Projects Update
  Roza Irrigation District's Reregulation Reservoir
  Teanaway Valley Family Farm/Fence/Fire Presentation
  Yakima River Delta Enhancement Project - Bateman Island Presentation
  Lower River Updated Receiver Locations
  Audience: California Article
12/13/2017 Yakima Arboretum - 1401 Arboretum Drive Yakima, Washington 98901
  Meeting Notes
  Technical Projects Update
  North Fork Tieton Bull Trout Transport Project
  Lower River Subgroup and 2018 Work Plan
  Migration Survival of Juvenile Chinook Salmon and Steelhead from Wapato Dam to the Mouth of the Yakima River, Washington 2018


Wendy Christensen
(509) 573-8050

Bureau of Reclamation
Pacific Northwest Region
Columbia-Cascades Area Office
1917 Marsh Road
Yakima, WA 98901-2058

Thomas Tebb
(509) 574-3989

Director, Office of Columbia River
State of Washington
Department of Ecology
1250 West Alder Street
Union Gap, WA 98903-0009

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