Yakima River Basin Water Enhancement Project

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2013 Meeting Notes & Handouts

12/18/13 Agenda PDF 62 kb
  Meeting Notes PDF 99 kb
  Technical Projects Update PDF 11.27 mb
  Benefit-Cost Analysis of YBIP Projects Handout PDF 113 kb
  Benefit-Cost Analysis of YBIP Projects Presentation PDF 210 kb
  Implementation Committee Updates Handout PDF 135 kb
  Subcommittees Updates Handout PDF 197 kb
  Habitat and Conservation Project Summaries PDF 222 kb
  Operational Guidelines Presentation PDF 229 kb
  Teanaway Community Forest Handout PDF 665 kb
  YBSA Statement PDF 61 kb
  Public Comment Letter PDF 161 kb
  The Wild Cascades Article - Public Submittal PDF 978 kb
09/05/2013 Agenda PDF 53 kb
  Meeting Notes PDF 98 kb
  Yakima Basin Management Plan Legislative Bills Summary PDF 691 kb
  Yakima Basin Management Act and Next Steps Presentation PDF 1.80 mb
  Technical Projects Update Presentation PDF 11.46 mb
  Teanaway Community Forest Q&A Sheet PDF 307 kb
  American Forest Holding/Teanaway Parcel Map PDF 340 kb
  Habitat and Agriculture Conservation Projects List Handout PDF 90 kb
  NMaykut Public Submittal PDF 1.66 mb
06/05/2013 Agenda PDF 44 kb
  Meeting Notes PDF 88 kb
  Early Action Items Updates Presentation PDF 1.77 mb
  Operational Guidelines Charter and Mission Statement PDF 39 kb
  IP Water Accounting Presentation PDF 282 kb
  Habitat and Agriculture Conservation Projects List Handout PDF 78 kb
  DRAFT USFS Letter from Lands SC PDF 94 kb
  CMaykut Public Submittal PDF 797 kb
  FINAL USFS Letter from Lands SC PDF 1.90 mb
03/13/2013 Agenda PDF 43 kb
  Meeting Notes PDF 75 kb
  Gov. Inslee IP Policy Brief PDF 1.25 mb
  IP Land, Fish, Water Legislative Handout PDF 1.71 mb
  IP in Legislature Legislative Handout PDF 1.16 mb
  IP Region's Water Needs Legislative Handout PDF 948 kb
  IP Water for Farms and Communities Legislative Handout PDF 1.08 mb
  Lands Subcommittee Draft Charter PDF 749 kb
  Early Action Items Updates Presentation PDF 14.19 mb
  Operational Guidelines Presentation PDF 209 kb
  YSBA Statement PDF 1.04 mb
  Forsgaard Article - CMaykut Public Submittal PDF 2.65 mb
  NMaykut Public Submittal PDF 2.02 mb
  Seattle Audubon Society Public Submittal PDF 2.49 mb
  Legislative Testimonies List - CMaykut Public Submittal PDF 635 kb


Wendy Christensen
(509) 575-5848 x203

Bureau of Reclamation
Pacific Northwest Region
Columbia-Cascades Area Office
1917 Marsh Road
Yakima, WA 98901-2058

Thomas Tebb
(509) 574-3989

Director, Office of Columbia River
State of Washington
Department of Ecology
1250 West Alder Street
Union Gap, WA 98903-0009

Last Updated: 12/13/17