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Radio Actualities for Proposed Interim Operations of Ririe Reservoir and Dam



The Bureau of Reclamation and the US Army Corps of Engineers are working to identify issues and concerns associated with Proposed Interim Operations of Ririe Reservoir and Dam. A public scoping meeting will be held on January 11.

Where: Red Lion Convention Center, 475 Parkway in Idaho Falls, Idaho
When: 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

The intent of the study is to determine if winter operations can be modified to allow for additional water to be stored in Ririe Reservoir through the winter and still provide adequate downstream flood protection. 

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Lyle Swank

Water Master, Water District # 1
Idaho Falls, Idaho
(208) 525-7171

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There’s recently been a hydrologic study that was conducted that examined the frequency of flooding in the Ririe/Willow Creek area. And from that study it looks like, there is an opportunity for additional storage water to be held in Ririe into the winter instead of having as much water released down the floodway channel in October-November. So it makes sense to examine whether or not we can improve our water supplies in the upper Snake River by holding that storage until it is needed later on.


Mike Beus

Water Operations Manager, Bureau of Reclamation, Upper Snake Field Office
Burley, Idaho (208) 678-0461 x27

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As with any federal water resource project, the Army Corps of Engineers is responsible for flood control operations at Ririe Reservoir. Reclamation’s water supply for irrigation customers have asked us to review the opportunities for increased  storage. And preliminary analysis suggests that we can store more water in the wintertime without materially affecting flood protection downstream.


For more information contact:

Chris Ketchum
(208) 678-0461 ext. 34

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