Yakima Hydromet Daily Data Access



Year: Month: Day:


Year: Month: Day:

PARAMETERS: (Not all parameters applicable to all stations)

AF Reservoir Storage Content (acre-feet) MX Maximum Daily Air Temperature
FB Water Surface Elev at Forebay (feet abv sea lvl) MN Minimum Daily Air Temperature
GD Average Daily Gage Height (rivers) MM Mean Daily Air Temperature
QD Average Daily Flow (rivers/streams)(cfs) QJ Average Daily Flow (canals)(cfs)
QU Average Daily Computed Natural Flow (cfs) PP 24 Hour Precip (midnite to midnite)(in)
WZ Mean Water Temperature (deg F) WI Minimum Daily Water Temperature
WK Maximum Daily Water Temperature PX 24 Hour Precip (collected Manually)
SP Snow Moisture Content (equiv in of water) PC Accum Precip (since last calibration)(in)
SY Daily Accum Snow Moisture (equiv in of water) PU Annual Accum Precip(in)(since last Oct 1)
SO Annual Accum Snow Moisture TA Mean Humidity (percent)
UA Daily Average Wind Speed(mph) UD Daily Average Wind Direction(deg az)
WR Daily Wind Run(miles) WG Daily Peak Wind Gust(mph)
QT Discharge, Total (cfs) GJ Average Daily Canal Gauge Height (feet)

All temperatures are in degrees Fahrenheit unless otherwise noted. AF and FB values are for readings taken at 23:45 each day. PU is accumulated precipitation from the beginning of the water year, October 1. QU is a calculated value for river flow without the effect of reservoir storage and diversions. Standard time period for calculated parameters is one day.