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Karla Smiley
Assistant Director, Information Resources

Karla Smiley is the Assistant Director of Information Resources for the Bureau of Reclamation, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from her extensive career in the federal government. She is responsible for Reclamation's information management resources and serves as a liaison to the Department of the Interior as it progresses through its Information Technology Transformation.

Ms. Smiley joined Reclamation in 2004 having responsibility for overseeing the development, evaluation and implementation of the Bureau's acquisition, financial assistance, property, charge card and multi-sector workforce regulations, policy and related matters in support of the Bureau's mission accomplishment. In addition to many other impressive roles, she was instrumental in Reclamation's accomplishments under the Recovery Act, participated in Reclamation's Managing for Excellence action plan and has served as chair to Reclamation's Acquisition and Leadership Team and the Department of the Interior's Acquisition Management Partnership.

Outside of acquisition, her thirty-year Government career has offered her the opportunity to work in a variety of positions in both military and civilian agencies, including information resources, engineering, property and transportation.

Ms. Smiley is a graduate of the Department of the Interior's Senior Executive Service Career Development Program, and she also holds a Master's degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Contract Management from Florida Institute of Technology. An Illinois native, she additionally holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Business Administration and Economics from St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa.