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Additional Water Available From Millerton Lake

Media Contact: Jeffrey S. McCracken, 916-978-5100,

For Release: January 12, 2006

The Bureau of Reclamation has determined that an unusually large water supply resulting from recent rains and the current storage capacity in Millerton Lake creates a non-storable supply of water pursuant to Section 215 of the Reclamation Reform Act (RRA) of 1982.  Approximately 200,000 acre-feet of Section 215 water was made available beginning Sunday, January 8, 2006, through February 2006.

The RRA (Public Law 97-293) defines temporary supplies of water that are unusually large and not storable for project purposes; or as infrequent and otherwise unmanaged flood flows of short duration.  Because the quantity and duration of this water are not predictable, temporary water may be available only during the time it meets this definition and usually must be delivered on short notice.

Priority allocation of Section 215 water is being made available to the Friant Division CVP Long-Term and Cross Valley Canal Contractors and other parties in accordance with Reclamation law and contractual requirements.  Water is available at the reduced rate of $12.00 (Water Cost $2, Restoration Fund $3, and Surcharge $7.)  CVP contractors may request a contract directly from Reclamation.  Non-CVP contractors may obtain a copy of the Section 215 Water Service Contract by logging onto Reclamations Web site at

For additional information, please contact Ms. Barbara Hidleburg, Contract Repayment Specialist, South-Central California Area Office, at 559-487-5063 (TDD 559-487-5933) or e-mail

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