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Reclamation Releases Final Resource Management Plan/Environmental Assessment for Canyon Ferry Reservoir

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For Release: April 09, 2003

The Final Canyon Ferry Reservoir Resource Management Plan/Environmental Assessment (RMP/EA) was released to the public, according to the Bureau of Reclamation's Montana Area Manager Susan Kelly. The RMP/EA describes the 10-year plan for managing the land and recreation resources of Canyon Ferry Reservoir in central Montana.

The RMP portion of the document includes an inventory of the resources at Canyon Ferry Reservoir and the processes Reclamation will use to implement the plan in the next 10 years. The actions are designed to develop the land and recreation resources to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for the public while at the same time protecting the environment.

The Environmental Assessment portion of the document, which meets the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act, analyzes the environmental effects of the alternative selected as the RMP and the other two alternatives, including a no-action alternative. Since all potentially significant environmental effects associated with the RMP were identified, evaluated, and resolved or mitigated, a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) was signed by the Montana Area Office Area Manager and is included in the document.

The RMP/EA was prepared using public input from scoping meetings, public information meetings, hearings and public review and comment on two draft documents. Reclamation received written and public hearing comments on the April 2002, Second Public Draft. Comments requiring a response and/or a document revision are summarized, with Reclamation's responses, in the RMP/EA.

Copies of the Final RMP/EA are available for public review and inspection at Reclamation offices and local area libraries. The summary of the Final RMP/EA is also available on the Internet at

A printed copy of the Final RMP/EA, a compact disk (CD-ROM with reader included) or a summary of the Final RMP/EA may be obtained by contacting the Canyon Ferry Field Office at (406) 475-3310, via e-mail at or in writing at 7661 Canyon Ferry Road, Helena, Montana 59602.

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