Bureau of Reclamation Launches Prize Competition Seeking Ideas to Protect Steel Structures from Corrosion

Ideas submitted should provide solutions to protect large steel structures in water environments for more than 50 years

Media Contact: Peter Soeth, 303-445-3615, psoeth@usbr.gov

For Release: June 06, 2017

Corrosion Prize Competition Poster
Corrosion Prize Competition Poster
WASHINGTON - The Bureau of Reclamation, in collaboration with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Navy Facilities Engineering Command, and National Institute of Standards and Technology, is launching a prize competition seeking ideas for long-term corrosion protection for large, hydraulic steel structures beyond the protection provided by available coatings and cathodic protection. The structures for this prize competition include hydroelectric penstock pipes and gates that control or divert water. Submitted ideas should protect the structure for 50 years with minimal maintenance and have a low cost of installation. Ideas must be submitted by September 5, 2017.

This is Stage 1 of the prize competition, which seeks new or improved concepts. Only a written, detailed description of the concept needs to be submitted. If Stage 1 produces winning concepts, Stage 2 will have a larger prize purse and be held where participants will be asked to present their technology and demonstrate proof-of-concept data in both lab-scale and field-scale evaluations.

Reclamation is making $75,000 available for Stage 1. Up to six awards will be made for the best submissions that meet or exceed the competition requirements. The cash prize purse awards for each winning solution will not be less than $10,000 but may be as high as $25,000. Solvers do not need to participate in Stage 1 to participate in Stage 2. Stage 1 participants do not have to participate in Stage 2.

To register and learn more about this prize competition, visit www.usbr.gov/research/challenges/corrosion.html. To learn more about Reclamation's Water Prize Competition Center, visit www.usbr.gov/research/challenges/.

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