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Negotiation Session Scheduled for Proposed Long-Term Exchange Contract - Central Valley Project

Media Contact: Jeffrey S. McCracken, 916-978-5100, 01/05/2007 15:30

For Release: January 05, 2007

Pursuant to the Reclamation Act of 1902 and Section 14 of the Reclamation Project Act of 1939, the Bureau of Reclamation has scheduled a contract negotiation with Meyers Farming (Meyers) and San Luis Water District (District).

The purpose of the proposed 25-year contract is to facilitate the return to the District of Central Valley Project (Project) water banked by the District in Meyers groundwater banking facility. In order for this banked water to be returned to the District, it is necessary that the banked water be used by Reclamation to meet its needs in the Mendota Pool in exchange for an equivalent amount of water to be provided to the San Luis Water District from Project facilities.

In addition to the exchange of Project Water, the proposed contract will also provide an exchange mechanism whereby non-Project water banked by Meyers can be exchanged for Project water to be delivered to Meyers by the District in a manner similar to the proposal for the banked District water.

The negotiation session will be held in: Fresno, California Tuesday, January 9, 2007 1-5 p.m. Bureau of Reclamation South-Central California Area Office 1243 N Street

The public is welcome to observe the negotiations. For additional information, please contact Ms. Sheryl Carter, Bureau of Reclamation at 559-487-5299 (TDD 559-487-5933), or Mr. Martin McIntyre, San Luis Water District at 209-826-4043.

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