Temporary Reclamation Manual Release on
Streamlining National Environmental Policy Act Reviews

The processing and streamlining of environmental reviews is informed by Executive Order (EO) 13807 and Secretarial Order (SO) 3355.

EO 13807 indicates performance goals for agency reviews and authorizations, defines “Major Infrastructure Projects” and establishes preparation requirements for a single environmental impact statement and the decision for applicable projects, also known as “One Federal Decision.” In addition, the SO provides requirements for implementing certain aspects of EO 13807 related to NEPA reviews. Within the Department of the Interior, the Deputy Secretary’s Memorandums (DSMs) reinforce the streamlining requirements regarding the environmental review process.

To help Reclamation streamline its NEPA review process and comprehensively address these requirements, the following Temporary Reclamation Manual Release (ENV TRMR-121) on Streamlining National Environmental Policy Act Reviews incorporates the most recent requirements of EO 13807, SO 3355, related DSMs and other Federal requirements.


(Expiration Date 06/18/2021)

Last Updated: 10/26/20